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Lee-on-Solent 1985

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Date: 20 July 1985

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

G-AIOL		Airspeed Consul		Private	
FT992		Beech Expeditor II	Private	ex-Royal Navy 
XX633		Bulldog T.1		RAF	
G-AMSV		Dakota			Air Atlantique	
XS738		Dominie T.1		RAF	  
XL500		Gannet AEW.3		Royal Navy
XW860		Gazelle			Royal Navy Sharks 705sq
XW863		Gazelle			Royal Navy Sharks 705sq
XW886		Gazelle HT.2		Royal Navy
XW890		Gazelle			Royal Navy Sharks 705sq
XW907		Gazelle			Royal Navy Sharks 705sq
ZB649		Gazelle HT.2		Royal Navy
EX280		Harvard
EZ407		Harvard III		Royal Navy
XR442		Heron C.1		Royal Navy
WV382		Hunter GA.11		Royal Navy
XX488		Jetstream T.2	        Royal Navy
XZ234		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy
XZ243		Lynx HAS.3		Royal Navy
G-AZWE		Piper Cherokee	        Private   
G-BIRH		Piper Super Cub	        Private   
G-AWFI		Piper Twin Comanche	Private
G-OODI		Pitts S2B		Private
XJ348		Sea Devon C.20		Royal Navy
WG655		Sea Fury		RNHF
XZ494		Sea Harrier FRS.1	Royal Navy
ZD579		Sea Harrier		Royal Navy
WV911		Sea Hawk FGA.4		Royal Navy    
XV670		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy    
ZA925		Sea King		Royal Navy
ZD480		Sea King HC.4	        Royal Navy    
89 + 58		Sea King Mk. 43	        W. German Navy
G-AYGE		Stampe SV.4C	        Private       
NF389		Swordfish II	        Royal Navy    
XS570		Wasp HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XM843		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XM917		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XP157		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XS128		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XS878		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XS886		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy    
XM870		Wessex HAS.3	        Royal Navy    
XP137		Wessex HAS.3	        Royal Navy    
XS888		Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy    
XT771	620	Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy    
XP359		Whirlwind HAR.10	RAF
XN302		Whirlwind HAS.7		Royal Navy

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