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Duxford 2001(2)

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Date: 8/9 September 2001

Made by:


Flightlines/static (North side):
ZA321/TAB, ZA360/TC	Tornado GR1		XV(R) Sqn/NTOCU      
ZG478/68		Harrier GR7	        4 Sqn                
ZG857/89		Harrier GR7	        1 Sqn                
ZH663/111		Harrier T10	        20(R) Sqn/HOCU       
ZH884			Hercules C5	        LTW                  
WD325/N			Chipmunk T10	        Historic Aircraft Flt
XP820	                Beaver AL1	        Historic Aircraft Flt
XR244	                Auster AOP9	        Historic Aircraft Flt
XR379	                Alouette AH2	        Historic Aircraft Flt
XT131/B	                Sioux AH1	        Historic Aircraft Flt
XT626/Q	                Scout AH1	        Historic Aircraft Flt
XW908/A	                Gazelle AH1	        666(V) Sqn           
XZ191/A	                Lynx AH7	        671 Sqn              
XZ294/X	                Gazelle AH1	        658 Sqn              
ZB673/P	                Gazelle AH1	        671 Sqn              
ZJ169, ZJ174		Apache AH1	        651 (AHF) Sqn        
ZJ267			Squirrel HT1	        660 Sqn              
G-AEPH	                Bristol F2b	        ex D8096/D           
G-AFTA	                Hawker Tomtit	        ex K1786             
G-AHGZ	                Auster I	        ex LB367             
G-AIYR	                Dragon Rapide	        Classic Wings        
G-AKAZ	                L-4A		        ex 42-36375/H-57     
G-AKIF	                Dragon Rapide	        Airborne Taxi Svcs   
G-ANIE	                Auster V	        ex TW467             
G-ANRM	                Tiger Moth II	        ex DF112             
G-APAO	                Tiger Moth II	        Clacton AC           
G-APAP	                Tiger Moth II	        ex R5136             
G-APRS	                Twin Pioneer 3	        Air Atlantique       
G-AZWT	                Lysander IIIa	        'V9367/MA-B'         
G-BEDF	                B-17G		        '124485/DF-A'        
G-BJSG	                Spitfire LFIXe	        ex ML417/2I-T        
G-BKTH	                Sea Hurricane Ib	ex Z7015/7-L
G-BNGE	                Auster AOP6		ex TW536/TS-V       
G-BPIV	                Blenheim IVT	        'R3821/UX-N' 
G-BWGL	                Hunter T8C	        'XJ615'      
G-BZPB	                Hunter GA11	        'WB188'      
G-CAMM/6		Hawker Cygnet rep.	Shuttleworth
G-DAKK			C-47A			South Coast Airways  
G-DHZZ	                Vampire T55		'WZ589'      
G-ECKE	                Avro 504K rep.	        'D8781'      
G-HURI	                Hurricane XIIa	        'Z7381/XR-T' 
G-HURR	                Hurricane XIIa	        ex BE417/LK-A
G-LFIX	                Spitfire T9	        ex ML407/OU-V
G-MKVB	                Spitfire LFVb	        ex BM597/JH-C
G-RAID	                AD-4NA			ex 126922/AK-402     
G-SPIT	                Spitfire FRXIVe		'MV268/JE-J' 
G-TROY	                T-28S			ex 51-7692           
G-TWTD	                Hurricane X		ex AE977/LE-D
N47FK/NF-L		C-47A			Dakota Trust
N167B			A-26B			ex 434602/S
N14113			T-28S			ex 51-7545/119

Flying only:
AB910/ZD-C		Spitfire LFVb		BoB Memorial Flight
PA474/QR-M		Lancaster BI	        BoB Memorial Flight
PZ865/Q			Hurricane IIc	        BoB Memorial Flight
XV227			Nimrod MR2	        42(R) Sqn          
XX233, XX237, XX294	Hawk T1		        Red Arrows         
XX307, XX308		Hawk T1		        Red Arrows         
XX227, XX253, XX260	Hawk T1A	        Red Arrows         
XX264			Hawk T1A	        Red Arrows         

XX156			Hawk T1	Red Arrows			8th/9th                
CS-DDD	                TB10 Tobago				8th/9th                
D-IIJS	                Ce525 CitationJet	MSR Flug	8th/9th
F-BVMH	                DR400/180				9th                    
F-GAGA	                Cessna F177RG		                9th    
F-GDKL	                DR400/180		                9th    
F-GIBU	                SA342J Gazelle		                8th    
F-GSZD	                TB20 Trinidad		                9th    
G-ARHW	                DH104 Dove 8		                9th    
G-ARKS	                PA-22-108		                9th    
G-ASFL	                PA-28-180		                9th    
G-ASRK	                A.109 Airedale		                9th    
G-ATXZ	                Bö208C Junior		                8th/9th
G-AYEE	                PA-28-180		                9th    
G-AZXD	                Cessna F172L		                9th    
G-BAOG	                MS880B			                8th            
G-BARC	                Cessna FR172J		                9th    
G-BARH	                Beech C23		                9th    
G-BBMB	                DR400/180		                9th    
G-BBZJ	                PA-34-200		                9th    
G-BDOE	                Cessna FR172J		                8th    
G-BEFA	                PA-28-181		                8th    
G-BFIV	                Cessna F177RG		                8th    
G-BFNJ	                PA-28-161		                9th    
G-BFZV	                Cessna F172M		                9th    
G-BNRA	                TB10 Tobago		                9th    
G-BNST	                Cessna 172N		                8th    
G-BNYD	                Bell 206B		                8th    
G-BOIZ	                PA-34-200T		                8th/9th
G-BPWI	                Bell 206B		                8th    
G-BRBI	                Cessna 172N		                9th    
G-BRTT	                Schweizer 269C		                9th    
G-BRUX	                PA-44-180		                9th    
G-BTNT	                PA-28-151		                8th    
G-BUOJ	                Cessna 172N		                9th    
G-BXIF	                PA-28-181		                8th    
G-BXNG	                Beech 58		                9th    
G-BXTY,                 G-BXTZ	PA-28-161	                8th    
G-BYHJ	                PA-28R-201		                8th    
G-CRIL	                RC112B			                8th            
G-CRUZ	                Cessna T303		                9th    
G-DERB	                R-22 Beta		                8th    
G-EISO	                MS892A					8th                            
G-JAVO			PA-28-161		                9th
G-OAMI	                Bell 206B		                8th
G-OBFC, G-OLSF		PA-28-161		                8th
G-OMHC			PA-28RT-201		                9th
G-OOGO	                GA-7 Cougar		                8th
G-OTBY	                PA-32-300		                8th
G-MAPR	                Beech A36		                8th
G-MGCA	                Jabiru UL		                8th
G-PSFT	                PA-28-161		                8th
G-SHED	                PA-28-181		                9th
G-TAAL	                Cessna 172R		                8th
G-WOLF	                PA-28-140		                9th
G-WYMR	                R-44 Astro		                9th
LY-AFV	                Yak-52			                8th
LY-AOX	                Yak-52			                9th
N31RB	                AA-5B Tiger		                9th
N36NB	                Beech A36		                9th
N70VB	                Aerostar 600		                9th
N123AX	                PA-32R-301		                9th
N235PF	                PA-28-235		                8th
N1551D	                Cessna 190		                8th
OO-CEA	                CEA DR315		                8th
PH-CVT	                Cessna 172P		                9th

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