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Chivenor 1972

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Date: 5 August 1972

Made by: Alan Macey


Chivenor 5/8
XV572/N  	Phantom FG.1  		43 Sq
XV585/P  	Phantom FG.1  		43 Sq
WP848/2  	Chipmunk T.10
WP962/O  	Chipmunk T.10
WP963  		Chipmunk T.10
WK589  		Chipmunk T.10
WE600    	Auster T.7
WR960    	Shackleton MR.2   	8 Sq
WH876    	Canberra B.2   		A&AEE
XM277    	Canberra B(I)8
XM366/61    	J Provost T.3    
XW360/1		J Provost T.5  		'Poachers'
XW354/7		J Provost T.5  		'Poachers'
XW356/8		J Provost T.5  		'Poachers'
XW359/4		J Provost T.5  		'Poachers'
XW357/5		J Provost T.5  		'Poachers'
XW370/49	J Provost T.5  		'Geminis'
XW407/50	J Provost T.5  		'Geminis'
XW410/51	J Provost T.5  		'Geminis'
XS779   	Bassett CC.1
XP805   	Beaver AL.1
TF956/T-123   	SeaFury    
XT610/22	T Pioneer    		ETPS
KF183  		Harvard       		A&AEE
PZ865  		Hurricane
P7350  		Spitfire
XM177  		Lightning F.1A
XM139  		Lightning F.1A
XT551  		Sioux AH.1
WH291  		Meteor F.8
VZ467           Meteor F.8
WL349  		Meteor T.7
XW919  		Harrier GR.1
XV744  		Harrier GR.1
XP347  		Whirlwind HAR.10
XP361  		Whirlwind HAR.10
XD506  		Vampire T.11
XW207/CD	Puma HC.1  		33 Sq
WB530  		Devon C.1
XL929   	Pembroke C.1
XV192  		Hercules C.1
XV252  		Nimrod MR.1
XM654  		Vulcan B.2
F52/61-MX      	C-160F    		ET 61
133642  	T-33AN
MT-11  		CM.170
MT-15  		CM.170
MT-21  		CM.170
3144  		G.91R   		LKG 43
3031  		G.91R   		LKG 43
C-5    		Fk-27   		334 Sq
10/5-ND   	Mirage IIIC    		5 Esc
41/5-NO   	Mirage IIIC    		5 Esc
24535  		HH-43B
D-8294  	F-104G
XG160/30   	Hunter F.6         	79 Sq
XG169/N    	Hunter FGA.9		229 OCU
XL583/91   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XF439/26   	Hunter F.6         	79 Sq
XE624/G    	Hunter FGA.9   		79 Sq
XG154/M    	Hunter FGA.9    	79 Sq
XF382/40   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XE651/B    	Hunter FGA.9    	79 Sq
XF445/Q    	Hunter FGA.9    	79 Sq
XG254/K    	Hunter FGA.9    	79 Sq
XG256/P    	Hunter FGA.9		229 OCU
XE552/R    	Hunter FGA.9    	79 Sq
XG228/E    	Hunter FGA.9     	79 Sq
XJ687/O    	Hunter FGA.9     	79 Sq
XF418/59   	Hunter F.6          	234 Sq
XG152/53   	Hunter F.6          	79 Sq
XG225/58   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XF515/60   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XG226/47   	Hunter F.6          	234 Sq
XG158/35   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XK141/51   	Hunter F.6          	79 Sq
XJ639/50   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XL577/82   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XL623/88   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XL576/81   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XK149/44   	Hunter F.6         	79 Sq
XJ634/34   	Hunter F.6           	79 Sq
XF420/29   	Hunter F.6           	234 Sq
XL617/95   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XL569/85   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XE606/54   	Hunter F.6          	234 Sq
XE608/32   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XF516/49   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XG172/36   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XL578/89   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XL618/87   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XL593/96   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XG191/27   	Hunter F.6         	234 Sq
XJ676/57   	Hunter F.6          	234 Sq
XE627/61   	Hunter F.6         	234 Sq
XL586/90   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XL592/84   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XJ637/52   	Hunter FGA.9		229 OCU
XF383/45   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XL595/98   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XL571/99   	Hunter T.7		229 OCU
XE626/91   	Hunter FR.10		229 OCU
XG194/A    	Hunter FGA.9		229 OCU
XG161/55   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XF435/L    	Hunter FGA.9		229 OCU
XF439/26   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XE653/28   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XG197/39   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU
XF526/38   	Hunter F.6		229 OCU

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