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Leuchars 1958

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Date: 20 September 1958

Made by:


Canberra B Mk.2 	WJ645 		Bomber Command Holding Unit.
Sea Venom FAW Mk.21 	XG631/LM-651 	738 Sdn.
Sea Hawk FGA Mk.4 	WV831/LM-637 	738 Sdn.
Hunter T Mk.8 		XL580 		Lossiemouth.
Chipmunk T Mk.10 	WB647 		Leuchars Stn Flt.
Pioneer CC Mk.1 	XF875/P-V	1 FTS.
Mosquito TT Mk.35 	TA647/J
Hunter F Mk.6 		XF515/R		43 Sdn.
Meteor F (TT) Mk.8 	WH293/Y		Leuchars Stn Flt.
Meteor T (TT) Mk.7 	WA725 		Leuchars Stn Flt.
Javelin FAW Mk.5 	XA712/H		151 Sdn.
Javelin FAW Mk.6 	XA819/V		29 Sdn.
Vampire T Mk.11 	XE888/Z		Leuchars Stn Flt.
Hunter F Mk.6 		XF435/P		43 Sdn.
Javelin FAW Mk.5 	XA655 		151 Sdn, scramble.
3x Javelin FAW Mk.5 	 		151 Sdn, scramble.
4x Javelin FAW Mk.6			29 Sdn, scramble.
Hunter F Mk.6 		XF424/O		43 Sdn.
Varsity T Mk.1 		WG223 		Aerobatic display.
1x Varsity T Mk.1 	 		Aerobatic display.
Meteor F (TT) Mk.8 	WA990/J		Leuchars Stn Flt.
Shackleton T Mk.4s 	WB858/U		MOTU
Scimitar F Mk.1 	XD236/V-150	803 Sdn.
2 Meteor F (TT) Mk.8s 	WK921/WL-113	29 Sdn.
12x Javelin 				Formation flypast.	
Sycamore HC Mk.14 	XG514 		C Flt 275 Sdn.
Hunter F Mk.6 		XF520 K		92 Sdn.
Anson C Mk.19 srs.2s 	VP524/L		18 Group, Communications Flt.
Anson C Mk.19 srs.2s 	VP529/T		18 Group, Communications Flt.
B-66B 			55-0314/BB-314 	84 BS 47 BW
Hunter F Mk.6	 	XG232/G		Formation flypast.
Hunter F Mk.6		XG211/H		Formation flypast.
Hunter F Mk.6		XE532/L		Formation flypast.
Hunter F Mk.6		XF521/MH	Formation flypast.
4x Hunter F Mk.6			Formation flypast.
Vulcan B Mk.1 		XA913 		101 Sdn.
Chipmunk T Mk.10 	WD363		St Andrews UAS.
Chipmunk T Mk.10 	WK633		St Andrews UAS.
Chipmunk T Mk.10 	WK640		St Andrews UAS.
Canberra B Mk.6 	WT210 		12 Sdn.
Meteor T Mk.7 		WL419		13 Group.

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