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Wittering 1974

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Date: 21 July 1974

Made by: John Dyer


WH974 		Canberra B15 	On fire dump
XL614 		Hunter T7 	On fire dump
XM466/14	Jet Provost T3 	1FTS
XM473/39	Jet Provost T3 	1FTS
XN470/26	Jet Provost T3 	1FTS
XN495/33	Jet Provost T3 	1FTS
XN635/15	Jet Provost T3 	1FTS
XM605 		Vulcan B2 	Waddington Wing
XM608 		Vulcan B2 	Waddington Wing
XM648 		Vulcan B2 	Waddington Wing
XM652 		Vulcan B2 	Waddington Wing
XM655 		Vulcan B2 	Waddington Wing
XN126 		Whirlwind HAR10 22Sqdn
XP698/O		Lightning F3 	11Sqdn
XR751/R		Lightning F3 	5Sqdn
XV257 		Nimrod MR1 	Kinloss WIng
XV338 		Buccaneer S2 	12Sqdn
XV470/W		Phantom FGR2 	2Sqdn
XV494/N		Phantom FGR2 	2Sqdn
XV492/Q		Phantom FGR2 	6Sqdn
XV499/G		Phantom FGR2 	6Sqdn
XV744/26	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV747/29	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV748/37	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV753/31	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV756/34	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV804/45	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV807/47	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XW922/49	Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV746/08	Harrier GR1 	1Sqdn
XV754/07	Harrier GR1 	1Sqdn
XV755/20	Harrier GR1 	1Sqdn
XV776/14	Harrier GR1 	1Sqdn
XV778/16	Harrier GR1 	1Sqdn
XV795/05	Harrier GR1 	1Sqdn
XV777 		Harrier GR1 	On fire dump
XW210/DH	Puma HC1 	230Sqdn
XW228/DP	Puma HC1 	230Sqdn
XW268/54	Harrier T2 	233OCU
XW271/17	Harrier T2 	1Sqdn
XW299/56	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW304/62	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW305/63	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW307/66	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW309/68	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW310/70	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW311/69	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW364/74	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW371/76	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW404/77	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW409/78	Jet Provost 	1FTS
XW791 		HS125 		32Sqdn with XX508
XW925/57	Harrier T2A 	233OCU
XW934/06	Harrier T4 	1Sqdn
XX119/07	Jaguar GR1 	JCU
XX120/08	Jaguar GR1 	JCU
XX550/07	Bulldog T1 	London UAS
XX554/08	Bulldog T1 	London UAS
XX721 		Jaguar GR1 	54Sqdn

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