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Abingdon 1967

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Date: 16 September 1967

Made by: John A. Smith


XE597/A        HUNTER FGA9           1SQ. 
XR810          VC10 C1               10SQ. 
XR977/46       GNAT T1               4FTS 
XS640          ANDOVER C1            46SQ. 
XM470/7        JET PROVOST T3        2FTS 
XV179          HERCULES C1           242OCU 
XB267/B        BEVERLEY C1           47SQ. 
XS779          BASSET C1             SCS 
XS712/A        DOMINIE T1            1ANS. 
XM595          VULCAN B2             SCAMPTON WING 
WJ815          CANBERRA PR7          WYTON WING 
XR524/F        WESSEX HC2            72SQ. 
61602          T-33A                 10TRW USAF 

XB285/C        BEVERLEY C1 
XB286/Z        BEVERLEY C1 
XB288/U        BEVERLEY C1 
XB290/X        BEVERLEY C1 
XL131/L        BEVERLEY C1 
XS603          ANDOVER C1            46SQ. 
XS604          ANDOVER C1            46SQ. 
XS605          ANDOVER C1            46SQ. 
XS609          ANDOVER C1            46SQ. 
XS639          ANDOVER C1            46SQ. 
XN821/A        ARGOSY C1 
XN857          ARGOSY C1 
XP442          ARGOSY C1 
XR140          ARGOSY C1 
WV736          PEMBROKE C1 
WV746          PEMBROKE C1 
WK575/F        CHIPMUNK T10          OXFORD UAS 
WP785/D        CHIPMUNK T10          OXFORD UAS 
WP981          CHIPMUNK T10          OXFORD UAS 
XR534/93       GNAT T1               CFS 
XS794          ANDOVER CC2           46SQ. 
WE195          CANBERRA PR3          231OCU. 
XP627/40       JET PROVOST T4        1FTS. 
XP678/45       JET PROVOST T4        1FTS. 
XR655/52       JET PROVOST T4        1FTS. 
XR699/34       JET PROVOST T4        1FTS. 
XV101          VC10 C1               10SQ. 
XH616          VICTOR BK1            57SQ. 
XN398          BRITANNIA C1          99SQ. 
XM653          VULCAN B2             COTTESMORE WING. 
XP686/32       JET PROVOST T4        CAW. 
XL472/760      GANNET AEW3           849SQ. 
XJ610/254      SEA VIXEN FAW2 
WR973/U        SHACKLETON MR3        206SQ. 
XJ676/6        HUNTER F6             229OCU 
XV181          HERCULES C1 

XS602          ANDOVER C1            46SQ. 
XH123/N        BEVERLEY C1           47SQ. 
AR213          SPITFIRE 1A           SHUTTLEWORTH  

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