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Leuchars 1961

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Date: September 1961

Made by:


Static Park: 
Meteor T.7             VW456/X             LSF 
Hastings T.5           TG518 
Javelin FAW.9          XH963/E             29 Sq 
Javelin T.3            XH396/D             29 Sq 
Canberra B.2           WH854               RRE 
Canberra B.2           WH907 
Chipmunk T.10          WD363/W             St. Andrews UAS 
Chipmunk T.10          WG349/X             St. Andrews UAS 
Chipmunk T.10          WK640/Y             St. Andrews UAS 
Chipmunk T.10          WP965               St. Andrews UAS 
Valiant B.1            WZ365               18 Sq 
Hunter FGA9            XG157/Y             1 Sq 
Varsity T.1            WJ910/H             1 ANS 
Meteor T.7             WH224/Z 
Provost T.1            WV677 
Scimitar P.1           XD231/609 
Jet Provost T.3        XM381/25            1 FTS 
Jet Provost T.3        XM401/30            1 FTS 
Jet Provost T.3        XM405/34            1 FTS 
Jet Provost T.3        XM412/40            1 FTS 
Jet Provost T.3        XN597/11            1 FTS 
Vampire T.11           WZ459/71 
Vampire T.11           WZ477/53 
Vampire T.11           WZ571/52 
Vampire T.11           XD375/72 
Lightning P.1A         XM216/P             111 Sq 
Meteor T.7             WL419               AOC 11 Group 
Beverley C.1           XB263/K             Abingdon. Experience flights for ROC Personnel 

Gnat T.1               XK740               M.O.S 
Auster                 WE600               Antarctic Expedition 
Cadet.                 WT916 
Chipmunk T.10          WP839/Z             St Andrews UAS 

Flying Display: 
whirlwind 4            XL112               228 Sq 
Valiant B.1            XD817               90 Sq 
Victor B.1             XH647 
Jet Provost T.3        XN459/20 
Jet Provost T.3        XN519/36 
Britannia C.1          XL638 
Javelin FAW.5          XA647/B             151 Sq 
Javelin FAW.5          XA710/Y             151 Sq 
Javelin FAW.5          XA650/E             151 Sq 
Javelin FAW.5          XA655/F             151 Sq 

43 Sq had moved to Cyprus in June, leaving the resident Javelin Squadrons 

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