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Valley 1994

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Date: 6/7 July 1994

Made by: Phil Globe, Debbie Haynes


79-0012  SP          F-15C                         36 FW 
84-0044  SP          F-15D                         36 FW 
91-0604  LN red      F-15E                         48 FW / 494 FS 
91-0603  LN red      F-15E                         48 FW / 494 FS 
158214   LL-48       P-3 Orion                     VP-30 USN 
FA107                F-16A                         1 Smaldeel / 2 wing 
FA112                F-16A                         2 Smaldeel / 2 wing 
43+83                Tornado                       51 Aufklarung Geschwader 
43+50                Tornado                       51 Aufklarung Geschwader 
44+88                Tornado                       33 Jbg 
46+31                Tornado ECR                   32 JagdBo 
ET-022               F-16B                         Esk 726 
E-196                F-16A                         Esk 723 
A-226                Alouette III                  298 sqn 
B-79                 Bo.105C                       299 sqn 
J-368                F-16B                         314 sqn 
MM7159   3-33        AMX                           3° Stormo 
MM7098   3-35        AMX                           3° Stormo 
0831                 Mil 17 (HIP)                  51st VRP 
0216                 Mil 24D  Hind                 51st VRP 
4011                 Mil 24D  Hind                 51st VRP 
91-0023              F-16D                         192 Filo, 4 ANA jet Us 
E-45     330-AK      Alpha Jet                     CEAM 
E-85     330-AL      Alpha Jet                     CEAM 
E-11     7-PE        Jaguar                        2/7 Esc de Chasse 'Argonne' 
E-22     7-PI        Jaguar                        2/7 Esc de Chasse 'Argonne' 
E-25     7-PK        Jaguar                        2/7 Esc de Chasse 'Argonne' 
HW-312               Hawk Mk 51                    TiedLLV 
HW-315               Hawk Mk 51                    HavLLv 11 
15240                Alpha Jet                     301 sqn 
15235                Alpha Jet                     301 sqn 
RA-65760             Tu-134A                       Aeroflot 
         598 white   Su-27UB Flanker               TsAGI 
27595    595 white   Su-27P Flanker                TsAGI 
XS640                Andover E.3                   Hunting Air Services 
XX630    A           Bulldog T.1                   Liverpool UAS 
WK128                Canberra B.2                  TEE 
WK572    92          Chipmunk T.10                 10 AEF 
WK562    91          Chipmunk T.10                 10 AEF 
ZA947    YS-DM       Dakota C.4                    BBMF 
XK895                Devon 
ZA802    W           Gazelle HT.3                  2 FTS 
XM693    G-TIMM      Gnat T.1                      private 
ZD404    H           Harrier GR.7                  20(R) sqn 
ZD403    G           Harrier GR.7                  20(R) sqn 
XX172                Hawk T.1                      St Athan station flight 
XX226                Hawk T.1                      74(R) sqn 
ZJ100                Hawk 102D                     BAe 
XX169                Hawk T.1                      6 FTS 
XX162                Hawk T.1                      Institute of Aviation Medicine 
XX307                Hawk T.1                      Red Arrows 
XX317                Hawk T.1A                     234(R) sqn / 4 FTS 
XX296    DR          Hawk T.1                      234(R) sqn 
XX303    PF          Hawk T.1                      CFS 
XX249    DY          Hawk T.1                      208(R) sqn 
XX244                Hawk T.1                      208(R) sqn 
XX187    PB          Hawk T.1                      CFS 
XX318                Hawk T.1                      CFS 
XX324    DM          Hawk T.1A                     208(R) sqn 
XX159    PA          Hawk T.1A                     CFS 
XX199                Hawk T.1A                     74(R) sqn 
XX349                Hawk T.1A                     74(R) sqn 
XX310                Hawk T.1A                     74(R) sqn 
XX255    TE          Hawk T.1A                     74(R) sqn 
XX191    DT          Hawk T.1A                     208(R) sqn 
XX314                Hawk T.1                      74(R) sqn 
XL573    G-BVGH      Hunter T.7                    private 
XX116                Jaguar GR.1A                  16 sqn 
XX839    GW          Jaguar T.2A                   54 sqn 
XZ391    GM          Jaguar GR.1A                  54 sqn 
WK800    Z           Meteor D.16                   TEE 
WM167    G-LOSM      Meteor TT.20                  Jet Heritage 
RR299    HT-E        Mosquito T.3                  BAe 
XV252                Nimrod MR.2P                  kinloss wing 
XF690    G-MOOS      Percival Provost T.1          private 
XK895    CU19        Sea Devon C.20                private 
PS853    C           Spitfire PR XIX               BBMF 
ZA607    TJ          Tornado GR.1                  15(R) sqn 
ZG712    F           Tornado GR.1A                 13 sqn 
ZG791    DC          Tornado GR.1                  31 sqn 
ZE209    AV          Tornado F.3                   56(R) sqn 
ZG768    AX          Tornado F.3                   56(R) sqn 
ZF408                Tucano T.1                    1 FTS 
ZF377                Tucano T.1                    3 FTS 
ZF409                Tucano T.1                    3 FTS 
XD452    66          Vampire T.11                  private /pod only 
XR507                Wessex HC.2                   22 sqn / SARTU 
XR518                Wessex HC.2                   SARTU 
XV720                Wessex 
XV724                Wessex HC.2                   22 sqn / SARTU 
XV729                Wessex HC.2                   SARTU 
XT601                Wessex HC.2                   22 sqn / SARTU 
XT602                Wessex HC.2                   22 sqn / SARTU 
XT670                Wessex HC.2                   22 sqn / SARTU 

G-ATXD               PA.30 Twin Commanche160B      private 
N6965    G-AJTW      Tiger Moth                    private 
LY-AFA               Yak 50                        private 
LY-ALS               Yak 50                        private 
LY-ALY               Yak 50                        private 
G-BAHI               Cessna F.150H                 private 
G-AEBJ               Blackburn B2                  BAe 
N54922               ??                            Crunchie Flying Circus 
G-FLYV               Slingsby T.67M-200 Firefly    private 
OM-UIN               Antonov AN-2                  private 
G-BUHC   G-BTMI      BAe 146-300                   BAe Defence Ltd 
124485   B           B-17G-105                     private 
U-215    215         Vampire T.55                  private 
472216   G-BIXL      Mustang P-51D                 private 

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