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White Waltham 1977

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Date: 14 May 1977

Made by: Paul Carr, Alan Kilham

Updated: 2 January 2011

Lancaster I                  PA474/KM:B                   BBMF 
Blackburn Monoplane          -/BAPC-5                     Shuttleworth 
B-17G                        44-85784/G-BEDF 
Campbell Cricket             G-AXVM                       BA 
DH.2 replica                 5964/BAPC-112 
DH.51                        G-EBIR                       Shuttleworth 
Tiger Moth                   N9191/G-ALND,T6553/G-APIG    Leisure Sport 
Tiger Moth                   T7187/G-AOBX                 Leisure Sport 
Dragon Rapide                G-AKIF 
Mosquito T.3                 RR299/HT:E/G-ASKH            H-S 
Vampire T.11                 XH304                        Vintage Pair 
Dakota 4                     G-ALWC                       Fairey 
Argus II                     EV851/G-AJPI 
Swordfish II                 LS326/5A                     RNHF 
Firefly AS.6                 WB271/R204                   RNHF 
Fiat G.46B                   -/G-BBII 
Fokker E.III replica         -/G-AVJO 
Fokker D.VIII replica        5125/18/BAPC-110 
Fokker Dr1 replica           102/17/G-BEFR 
Gladiator I                  L8032/G-AMRK                 Shuttleworth 
Meteor T.7                   WF791                        Vintage Pair 
Hurricane IIc                PZ865/DT:A                   BBMF 
Sea Fury FB.11               TF956/T123                   RNHF 
Sea Fury T.20                VX302/MW:S/G-BCOV 
Harrier GR.3                 XV753/C,756/D 
Hawk T.1                     XX170 
MS Type N replica            -/G-AWBU 
MS.500 Criquet               AZ+MH/G-AZMH 
CAP.10B                      G-BECZ 
Nord 1002                    AT+BG/G-ATBG 
Pitts S-2A                   G-BADW,BADX,BADY,BADZ,BDKS 
SE.5A                        F904/G-EBIA                  Shuttleworth, + replica fuselage 
Camel replica                C1701/G-AWYY                 Leisure Sport 
Sopwith Triplane rep         N5492/BAPC-111 
Supermarine S.5 rep          N232/G-BDFF                  Leisure Sport 
Spitfire Ib                  AR213/QG:A/G-AIST 
Spitfire IIa                 P7350/UO:T                   BBMF 
VC-10                        G-ARVM                       BA 
Piper PA-23-160 Apache G     G-ASMN			  West London Aero Services

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