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Finningley 1992

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Date: 19 September 1992

Made by: Paul Greig, Paul Kendrick

Updated: 4 November 1999

XX893            Buccaneer 
XX543/F          Bulldog 
WD955/EM         Canberra 
WK638/83         Chipmunk 
XS727/O          Dominie 
XX419/A          Gazelle 
ZD379/H          Harrier 
ZD329/M          Harrier 
ZD377/AE         Harrier 
XX226            Hawk 
XX312/CF         Hawk 
XV292            Hercules 
XF967            Hunter 
XL563            Hunter 
ZB615            Jaguar 
XW429/C          Jet Provost 
XW325/E          Jet Provost 
XW306/O          Jet Provost 
XX491/K          Jetstream 
ZG885            Lynx 
XV227            Nimrod 
ZF522            PA-31 
XT910/O          Phantom 
XW231/FD         Puma 
XV670            Sea King 
ZD809/BA         Tornado GR1 
ZA410/BZ         Tornado GR1 
ZG730/CC         Tornado F3 
ZF162            Tucano 
XH671            Victor 
FA111            F-16A                 BAF 
FA114            F-16A                 BAF 
FA120            F-16A                 BAF 
A-011            Draken                RDAF 
AT-158           Draken                RDAF 
E-607            F-16A                 RDAF 
ET-197           F-16B                 RDAF 
81               Xingu                 FAF 
51               Nord 262              FAF 
C-5              F27-300M              RNLAF, 334 Sqn 
666              F-16                  RNoAF 
712              F-16                  RNoAF 
5511             A-7P                  PAF 
5522             A-7P                  PAF 
2601             T-38                  PAF 
2611             T-38                  PAF 
56-3658          KC-135                USAF 
67-0012          C-141                 USAF 
80-0042/IS       F-15                  USAF 
80-0046/IS       F-15                  USAF 
86-0303/RS       F-16                  USAF 
86-0313/RS       F-16                  USAF 

Flightlines/Flying/Far Side: 
XX900            Buccaneer 
XZ431            Buccaneer 
ZD574/EH         Chinook 
XS713/C          Dominie 
XS731/J          Dominie 
XS711/L          Dominie 
XS710/O          Dominie 
XS726/T          Dominie 
XS738/U          Dominie 
XX441/38         Gazelle 
XW884/41         Gazelle 
XW907/48         Gazelle 
ZB647/59         Gazelle 
XX163            Hawk 
XX224            Hawk 
XZ391/08         Jaguar 
XX965/07         Jaguar 
XM424            Jet Provost 
XM466            Jet Provost 
XW291/N          Jet Provost 
XW287/P          Jet Provost 
XW352/R          Jet Provost 
XW311/W          Jet Provost 
XW302/T          Jet Provost 
XW293/Z          Jet Provost 
XX499/G          Jetstream 
XV231            Nimrod 
XV393/Q          Phantom 
XT914/Z          Phantom 
ZD613/712        Sea Harrier 
ZA460/JG         Tornado GR1 
ZA491/JN         Tornado GR1 
ZG770/AP         Tornado GR1 
ZE339            Tornado F3 
ZE161/FG         Tornado F3 
ZF202            Tucano 
ZF295            Tucano 
XV724            Wessex 
161973/1         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
161978/2         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
161984/3         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
161955/4         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
161957/5         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
161952/6         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
161932/7         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
161943/8         F/A-18                Blue Angels 
151891           TC-130                Blue Angels 
160627/BH        KC-130 
485784           B-17 
JV928            Catalina 

Hangar 1: 
XX495/C          Jetstream 
4x               Wessex 
3x               Sea King HAR3 

Hanger 2: 
XX690            Bulldog 
XX620            Bulldog 
XX622            Bulldog 
XX691            Bulldog 
XX529            Bulldog 
XX637            Bulldog 
XX636            Bulldog 
WG407            Chipmunk 
WD390            Chipmunk 
WK590            Chipmunk 
WK517            Chipmunk 
XW322/D          Jet Provost 
XX492            Jetstream 
ZF161            Tucano 
ZF339            Tucano 
ZF418            Tucano 

Hanger 3: 
XS709            Dominie 

Hanger 4: 
ZA563/TC         Tornado GR1 
ZF446            Tucano 

Flying Only: 
XH558            Vulcan 
ZA101            Hawk 
ZA321, ZA330     Tornado GR1           airfield attack 
ZD432, ZD435     Harrier               airfield attack 
ZD462, ZD463     Harrier               airfield attack 

XX508, ZE396     BAe 125 
XS794            Andover 
XX520            Bulldog 
XX494, XX497     Jetstream 
XX498, XX500     Jetstream 
XX482, XX493     Jetstream 

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