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Abingdon 1977

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Date: 11 June 1977

Made by: Eric Tammer

Updated: &bnsp;

TB382, TE311  		Spitfire
KF314  			Harvard
WF382  			Varsity  	23MU
XP805  			Beaver  	6Flt
XX528 D  		Bulldog  	UAS
XS640  			Andover  	115sq
XN855  			Argosy  	115sq

XT151, XR630  		Scout AH1  	AAC
XW306 Y  		JP T5B  	6FTS
WF791  			Meteor T7
XH304  			Vampire T11

XX111 01, XX115 03  	Jaguar GR1  	226 OCU
XX116 04, XX756 07  	Jaguar GR1  	226 OCU
XX757 12, XX747 17  	Jaguar GR1  	226 OCU
XX758 18, XX767 25  	Jaguar GR1  	226 OCU
XX143 F, XX142 G  	Jaguar T2  	226OCU
XX105 Y, XZ101 S  	Jaguar Gr1  	2sq
XX720, XX719 19, XX722  Jaguar GR1  	54sq
XX110 10  		Jaguar GR1  	6sq
XX769 AA  		Jaguar GR1  	14sq
XZ116 D, XZ119 G  	Jaguar GR1  	41sq
XX961  BJ  		Jaguar GR1 	17sq
XZ365, XZ366, XZ364  	Jaguar GR1
XX137  			Jaguar T2  	(in sections)
WZ877 G, WP914 E  	Chipmunk
WZ847 F, WP805 D  	Chipmunk
XD244  			Scimtair  	(derelict)
XP359  			Whirlwind HAR10
XM191  			LiF1
XE643, XE670  		Hunter F6
XX547 05  		Bulldog T1
D3419  			Sopwith Camel
8515M  			Canberra

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