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Alconbury 1968

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Date: 18 May 1968

Made by: J. Price-Stevens, Martin Till


0-49100     VC-54E                3rd AIR FORCE 
24461       T-39A 
24536       HH-43B 
40540       C-130E 
0-20949     C-124C                436MAW 
0-52852     F-100D                494TFS  48TFW 
0-60198     RF-101C               18TFS   66TRW 
0-62331     TF-102A               526FIS 
70593       T-33A 
41077       RF-4C                 10TRW      "RAMP RAT" 
0-76609     C-47D                 10TRW 
41033       RF-4C                            "WITCH CRAFT" (IN HANGER) 
60430       RF-4C 
41019       RF-4C 
41024       RF-4C 
41025       RF-4C 
41028       RF-4C 
41027       RF-4C 
41029       RF-4C 

WT512       CANBERRA PR7          58SQN 
XM718       VICTOR                543SQN 
XS730       DOMMINE  T1           1ANS 
XS777       BASSET 
XR540       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XR982       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XR987       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XR991       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XR992       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XR993       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XR995       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XR996       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XS111       GNAT  T1              RED ARROWS 
XS212  40   JET PROVOST T.4       "RED PELICANS" 
XN468  41   JET PROVOST T.4       "RED PELICANS" 
XS226  42   JET PROVOST T.4       "RED PELICANS" 
XS213  46   JET PROVOST T.4       "RED PELICANS" 
XS225  47   JET PROVOST T.4       "RED PELICANS" 
XS217  50   JET PROVOST T.4       "RED PELICANS" 
WK642  L    CHIPMUNK              CAMBRIDGE UAS 
XM214       LIGHTING              226 OCU 
XN852       ARGOSY C1 
XP633       JET PROVOST T4 

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