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Coningsby 1985

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Date: 14 June 1985

Made by: Geoff Hyde, BARG


PZ865              Hurricane IIc              BoBMF 
XT283/GC           Buccaneer S2B              237OCU 
XV249              Nimrod MR.2P               Kinloss Wing 
XV434/J            Phantom FGR.2              29 Sq 
XV488/-            Phantom FGR.2              228OCU 
XX178              Hawk T.1                   4 FTS 
XZ117/E            Jaguar GR.1                41 Sq 
ZD788/CB           Tornado GR.1               17 Sq 
ZE364/Z            F-4J (UK)                  74 Sq 
BR 04              Mirage VBR                 FAB/42 Sq 
ET-205             F-16B                      Esk 723 
K-4027             NF-5B                      315 Sq 
38+05              F-4F                       JBg-36 
68-0077/UH         F-111E       r             20TFW 
80-0158/WR         A-10A        bl            81TFW 
AB910/XT-M         Spitfire Vb                BoBMF 
PZ865              Hurricane IIc              BoBMF 

XV401/L            Phantom FGR.2              29 Sq 
ZD901/AA           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 
XM987              Lightning T.4              BDRF 

XV433/I            Phantom FGR.2              29 Sq 
XV432/T            Phantom FGR.2              29 Sq 
XV393/A            Phantom FGR.2              228OCU 
XV421/B            Phantom FGR.2              228OCU 
XT910/J            Phantom FGR.2              228OCU 
XT907/T            Phantom FGR.2              228OCU 
ZD934/AD           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 
ZD904/AE           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 
ZD933/AO           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 

Flight Line: 
P7350/EB-Z         Spitfire IIa               BoBMF 
LF363/VY-X         Hurricane IIc              BoBMF 
PA474/SR-D         Lancaster B.1              BoBMF 
WK518              Chipmunk T.10              Vintage Pair 
"JV828/Y"          PBY-5A                     Vintage Pair 
WA669              Meteor T.7                 Vintage Pair 
XH304              Vampire T.11               Vintage Pair 
WG655              Sea Fury T.20 
XS923/AA           Lightning F.6              5 Sq 
XV205              Hercules C.1P              LTW 
XW320/71           Jet Provost T.5            1 FTS 
ZD902/AC           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 
ZD903/AB           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 
ZD906/AN           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 
ZD932/AM           Tornado F.2                229 OCU 
79-0225/WR bl      A-10A                      81TFW 

Phantom Scramble 
XV407/X            Phantom FGR.2              29 Sq 
XV438/Y            Phantom FGR.2              29 Sq 
XV394/C            Phantom FGR.2              228 OCU 
XV396/D            Phantom FGR.2              228 OCU 
XV499/F            Phantom FGR.2              228 OCU 
XT893/Q            Phantom FGR.2              228 OCU 

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