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Shawbury 1991

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Date: 19 July 1991

Made by: Phil Jones


XR724             LIGHTNING F6         STORED 
WP839/A           CHIPMUNK T10         8AEF 
XW220/CZ          PUMA HC1             33SQN 
XW547/R           BUCCANEER S2B        STORED 
XX146             JAGUAR T2A           STORED 
XL573             HUNTER T7            STORED 
XW862/D           GAZELLE HT3          2FTS 
XR505/WA          WESSEX HC2           2FTS 

XT672/WE          WESSEX HC2           2FTS              Formation Flyby 
XS679/WG          WESSEX HC2           2FTS              Formation Flyby 
XV722/WH          WESSEX HC2           2FTS              Formation Flyby 
XT603/WF          WESSEX HC2           2FTS              Formation Flyby 
XZ595             SEAKING HAR3         202SQN 
XW325/E           JET PROVOST T5B      6FTS 
ZF244             TUCANO T1            7FTS 
XX249             HAWK T1              4FTS 
ZB693             GAZELLE AH1          670SQN 
XZ675/M           LYNX AH1             671SQN 
XT634/T           SCOUT AH1            666(TA)SQN 
XX692/5           BULLDOG T1           CFS 

Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1As: 

Grasshoppers (KLu) with Alouette IIIs: 

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