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Culdrose 1972

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Date: 26 July 1972

Made by: Ken Law, Peter Nicholson

Updated: 2 January 2011

062 		SEA KING MK.43		RNoAF Training Flt
WN493 		DRAGONFLY HR.5		FAA Museum
XA459		GANNET ECM.6		School Of Aircraft Handling
VH127 		Firefly TT.4 		FAAM
XS706/43	HILLER HT.2 		705 Sqn, RN
WV826/SAH-2	SEA HAWK FGA.4 		School Of Aircraft Handling
XN650    	SEA VIXEN FAW.2		School Of Aircraft Handling
XN302 		WHIRLWIND HAS.7		705 Sqn, RN

253/V		BREGUET 1150 ATLANTIC 	321 Sqdn MLD
XN954/LM-631	BUCCANEER S1		RN School Of Aircraft Handling, 736 Sqn mks
XL494/R-042	GANNET AEW.3		'B' Flt, 849 Sqn
XW845 		GAZELLE HT2 		Westland
XV196           Hercules C.1            LTW                 
XV219           Hercules C.1            46 Sqn              
XF994/718       Hunter T.8              Yeovilton Stn Flight
XM139           Lighting F.1A       	Wattisham TFF       
XV255           Nimrod MR.1             42 Sqn              
TF956/T-123	Sea Fury FB.11		RN Historic Flt.
XJ572/BL 	Sea Vixen FAW.2 	RNAY Sydenham.
LS326/5A 	Swordfish II 		RN Historic Flt.
XS541/579       Wasp HAS.1              706 Sqn             
XS571/583       Wasp HAS.1              706 Sqn             
XT416 		WASP HAS.1 		706 Sqn, RN
XT780/582       Wasp HAS.1              706 Sqn             
XM838 		WESSEX HAS.3 		Royal Navy
XS492/V-C       Wessex HU.5             848 Sqn             
XS493/R-B       Wessex HU.5             845 Sqn             
XS499/S-B       Wessex HU.5             845 Sqn             
XT459/V-B       Wessex HU.5             848 Sqn             
XT466/D-B       Wessex HU.5             845 Sqn             
G-AYIJ 		SNCAN Stampe SV.4B	Rothmans Aerobatic Team
G-AWIW 		SNCAN Stampe SV.4B	Rothmans Aerobatic Team
G-AYCG 		SNCAN Stampe SV.4C	Rothmans Aerobatic Team
G-AYCK 		AIA Stampe SV-4C	Rothmans Aerobatic Team
G-AXYW 		SNCAN Stampe SV.4C	Rothmans Aerobatic Team

Logged on 27th:
XV705/R-51	SEA KING HAS.1		824 Sqdn RN
XV714 		SEA KING HAS.1		NASU Culdrose
XS516/U-B	WESSEX HU.5		845 Sqdn RN
XT453/K-B	WESSEX HU.5             845 Sqdn RN
XT454/L-B	WESSEX HU.5             845 Sqdn RN
XT456/N-B	WESSEX HU.5             845 Sqdn RN

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