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Brize Norton 1982

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Date: 12 June 1982

Made by: anonymous


XH165		Canberra PR9		1PRU
XL444		Vulcan K2		80sq
XM648		Vulcan K2
XR759		Lightning F6
XR806		VC10 C1			10sq
XR807		VC10 C1			10sq
XR808		VC10 C1			10sq
XS603		Andover E3
XS605		Andover E3
XS610		Andover E3
XS639		Andover C1
XS640		Andover E3
XS641		Andover C1
XS643		Andover C1
XS731		Dominie T1		6FTS
XT624		Scout AH1		AAC
XV101		VC10 C1			10sq
XV102		VC10 C1			10sq
XV103		VC10 C1			10sq
XV104		VC10 C1			10sq
XV106		VC10 C1			10sq
XV107		VC10 C1			10sq
XV109		VC10 C1			10sq
XV244		Nimrod MR1
XV301 		Hercules C3
XV401		Phantom FGR2
XV577		Phantom FG1
XW200		Puma HC1		240 OCU
XW332		Jet Provost T5A
XW422		Jet Provost T5A
XW427		Jet Provost T5A		3FTS
XW437		Jet Provost T5A
XW902		Gazelle HT3
XX219		Hawk T1
XX500		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XX544		Bulldog T1		London UAS
XX748		Jaguar GR1
XX752		Jaguar GR1		226 OCU
XZ358		Jaguar GR1
XZ430		Buccaneer S2B		208sq
XZ595		Sea King HAR3
ZA590		Tornado GR1
ZA676		Chinook HC1
ZA769		Gazelle AH1		AAC
AT-158		Sk35XD Draken 		RDAF
E105/314-VA	Alpha Jet		FAF
14637		OV-10A Bronco		USAF 610TCW
63601		KC-135A			USAF 7BW
68022/UH	F-111E			USAF 20TFW
79064/BT	F-15C			USAF 22TFS
80021/BT	F-15C			USAF 22TFS
80158/WR	A-10A			USAF 81TFW
80232/WR	A-10A			USAF 81TFW
G-AMPO		Dakot 4
G-ASGD (ZD232)	Super VC10		stored
G-ASGE (ZD233)	Super VC10		stored
G-ASGF (ZD234)	Super VC10		stored
G-AWGZ		Taylor JT1 monoplane
G-AWPH		Provost T1
G-AYJP		Cherokee 140C
G-AYJR		Cherokee 140C
G-BFNC		AS350B Ecureuil
G-BHYF		PA-34 Seneca
G-WREN		Pitts S2A

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