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Abingdon 1983

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Date: 10 September 1983

Made by:


SPITFIRE F22        PK624/RAU-T

A10A                80-0281/WR      81 TFW  `81 TFW`
A10A                81-0943/WR      81 TFW
BAC 111             XX105           RAE
BUCCANEER S2        XV333           12 SQN
CANBERRA T17        WJ756/CL        100 SQN
DOMINIE T1          XS728/E         6 FTS
HAWK T1             XX217           2 TWU/63 SQN
HAWK T1             XX237           4 FTS
HUNTER FGA9         XF431/O         1 TWU
HUNTER GA11         WV267/836VL     FRADU
JAGUAR GR1          XX965/AM        14 SQN
JAGUAR GR1          XZ116/D         41 SQN
JET PROVEST T3A     XN500/80        7 FTS
JET PROVEST T4      XP547/03        1 TWU/79 SQN
JETSTREAM T1        XX491/K         6 FTS
LIGHTNING F1A       XM191           RAFEF (Nose)
LIGHTNING F6        XS928/BJ        11 SQN
MIRAGE F1C          258/12-YL       EC1/2
SEA HARRIER         XZ459/716       899 SQN
SPITFIRE XVIe       TE311           RAFEF
TORNADO GR1         ZA547/A         617 SQN
VC10                ZD231           Store
VISCOUNT 837        XT575           RAE
VULCAN B2MRR        XH537           (27 Sqn)
WHIRLWIND HAR10     XP359           RAFEF

ANDOVER C1          XS596           115 SQN
BAE125 CC3          ZD620           32 SQN
BUCCANEER S2        XV355/I         237 OCU
BULLDOG T1          XX548/06        LON UAS
BULLDOG T1          XX660/A         OXF UAS
CHINOOK HC1         ZA683/EW        7 SQN
CHIPMUNK T10        WP901/B         6 AEF
DEVON C2            VP981           207 SQN
F-111E              68-0050/UH      20 TFW
GAZELLE HT3         ZA804/I         2 FTS
HARVARD IIB         KF183           A&AEE
HARRIER GR3         XW922/K         233 OCU
HARRIER GR3         XZ971/N         233 OCU
HAWK T1             XX251  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX252  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX253  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX257  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX259  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX260  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX264  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX266  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX304  	    Red Arrows
HAWK T1             XX331/E         2 TWU/151 SQN  
HAWK T1             XX337/K         2 TWU/151 SQN
HERCULES C1         XV182           LTW
HERCULES C1P        XV291           LTW
JAGUAR GR1          XX752/06        226 OCU
JAGUAR GR1          XX753/08        226 OCU
JAGUAR GR1          XX763/24        226 OCU
JAGUAR GR1          XZ367/25        226 OCU
JAGUAR T2           XX846/A         226 OCU
JET PROVEST T5A     XW326/120       7 FTS
JET PROVEST T5A     XW419/125       7 FTS
LANCASTER           PA474/AJ-G      BOBMF
LYNX AH1            XZ648/D         LCF
METEOR T7           WF791           VINTAGE PAIR
MOSQUITO T3         RR299/HT-E      BAE
NIMROD MR2P         XV232           KINLOSS
PHANTOM FG1         XT867/H         111 SQN
PROVOST T1          WW397/N-E       G-BKHP
PUMA HC1            XW200/FA        240 OCU
SHACKLETON AEW2     WL790           8 SQN
SPITFIRE PR19       PM631/AD-C      BOBMF
SWORDFISH II        LS320/5A        FAAHF
TORNADO GR1         ZA595/K         9 SQN
TRISTAR 500         ZD948           
VAMPIRE T11         XH304           VINTAGE PAIR
VC10 C1             XV106           10 SQN
VC10 K2             ZA140/A         101 SQN
VULCAN B2           XM597           50 SQN
WESSEX HC2          XV724           22 SQN
WHIRLWIND HAR10     XK969                  
WHIRLWIND HAR10     XP-352          

HAWK T1             XX199           1 TWU        
HAWK T1             XX232           4 FTS
HAWK T1             XX249           4 FTS
HAWK T1             XX298           4 FTS
HAWK T1             XX316           1 TWU
HUNTER GA11         XF301/VL        FRADU
HUNTER T7           XL601           237 OCU
HUNTER T8C          XF967           237 OCU
JAGUAR GR1          XZ400/GP        54 SQN
JAGUAR GR1          JI015           INDIAN AF
JAGUAR T2           JI002           INDIAN AF
GAZELLE HT3         ZA801/V         BDRF
HAWK T1             XX240           4 FTS
HAWK T1             XX299           4 FTS
HAWK T1             XX320/V         2 TWU/151 SQN
HUNTER T8C          XL598/870-VL    FRADU
JAGUAR GR1          XX110/EP        6 SQN
JAGUAR GR1          XX112/EA        6 SQN
JAGUAR GR1          XX955/AF        14 SQN
JAGUAR GR1          XX962/CK        20 SQN
JAGUAR GR1          XX969/DC        31 SQN
JAGUAR T2           XX144/-         ------
JAGUAR T2           XX834/U         226 OCU
JAGUAR T2           XX841/K         226 OCU
JAGUAR T2           XX845/BY        17 SQN

CANBERRA B2         WH869/8515M 
CANBERRA PR7        WH794/8652M
CANBERRA PR7        WJ825/8697M
CANBERRA TT18       WH856/849/8742M
CANBERRA T19        XA536/8605M
GAZELLE AH1         XX434
GNAT T1             XP541
HUNTER F6A          XF439/17/8712M
SEA VIXEN FAW2      XJ609/8172M
VC10                ZD230
VC10                ZD235
VC10                ZD236
VC10                ZD237
VC10                ZD238
VC10                ZD239
VC10                ZD240
VC10                ZD241
VC10                ZD242
VC10                ZD243
WESSEX HAS1         XS120/520-CU/8653M 

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