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Exeter 1973

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Date: 7 July 1973

Made by: Paul Carr


7FC TriTraveller      G-ARAS 
Lancaster 1           PA474/KM:B  BBMF 
Vulcan B.2            XH558 
Jet Provost T.5A      XW288/81, XW289/82, XW290/83, XW291/84, XW324, XW406/47, XW407/48 
                      plus one unidentified 
Basset CC.1           XS784 
Cessna 172            G-AYOD 
Cessna F.172H         G-AVBZ,  G-AXBH 
Cessna P.206D         G-AWUA 
Cessna 310Q           G-BAKE 
Vampire T.11          XH304  Vintage Pair 
C-47B Dakota 6        G-AMYJ  Intra Airways 
Gnat T.1              XM694, XP514, XR540, XR981, XR987, XR993, XS101,XS107,XS111 plus 2 
                      all (?) Red Arrows 
Fuji FA.200           G-BAPM 
Meteor T.7            WA669  Vintage Pair 
Hunter F.6A           XG160/30   226 OCU 
HS.125-3B/RA          G-AVRG  Court Line 
Nimrod MR.1           XV259 
Jodel DR.1051         G-AZAD 
Hercules C.1          XV176, XV215  both LTW 
NF-5B                 K-4005  RNLAF 
PA-18 Super Cub       D-EFKA 
PA-23 Aztec C         G-ATJZ,  G-AYTC   both Baylee Air Charter 
Pitts S-2A            G-BADW, G-BADX, G-BADY, G-BADZ   all Rothmans Rallye Club 
                      G-AXGC,  G-AYKH,  G-AZKE 
Spitfire PR.19        PM631/AD:C  BBMF 
VC10 C.1              XV106  10 Sqn 
Sioux AH.1            XT134, XT193, XT206, XT242, XT511  all Blue Eagles 
Whirlwind HAR.10      XP354 
Sea King HAS.1        XV698/CU952 

plus 2 RF-4Cs which overflew am - allegedly(!)  64-1029 and 66-0413 

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