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Waddington 2003

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Date: 28/29 June 2003

Made by: Scramble


Lynx helicopters, Royal Navy
The Royal Navy Lynx Pair gave a spirited performance during the International Airshow at RAF Waddington. In the front is visible Lynx HAS3 ZD249/637, while its twin-brother XZ257/640 is visible in the background. Both choppers are part of the inventory of 702 squadron.

Photo Gary Parsons

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FA93			F-16A		31sm	tiger mks
44+31			Tornado IDS	JBG31	spec mks
45+53			Tornado IDS	MFG2
46+54			Tornado ECR	JBG32	tiger mks
659/3-XR		Mirage 2000D	EC03.003
231/30-SA		Mirage F1CT	EC01.030
073/YB			EMB121AA	EAT00.319
MM6912/9-42		F-104S-ASA-M	10°Gr         
MM6935/9-32	        F-104S-ASA-M	10°Gr         
MM81407/E.I.937	        A129A		49°gr.sqd.c.A.        
MM80554/E.I.302	        AB205A/EM-2	27°gr.sqd.c.A.
LX-N90458	        E-3A		NAEW&CF               
J-008, J-009	        F-16AM		322sq                 
U-03		        Fokker 60UTA	334sq         
292		        F-16AM		338 skv               
711		        F-16BM		331 skv               
1115		        M-28B-1R	30.elMW       
84-0081		        C-21A		HQ USEUCOM            
75-0559/OK	        E-3B	        966th AACTS    
91-0313/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS "48OG"
91-0603/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS       
89-2016/AV	        F-16CG	        555th FS "16AF"
89-2024/AV	        F-16CG	        555th FS       
ZH763		        BAC1-11	        QinetiQ        
ZZ174		        C-17A	        99sq           
XH135		        Canberra PR9	39(1PRU)sq    
ZA673		        Chinook HC2	27sq          
XS727/D		        Dominie T1	55(R)sq       
ZH104/04, ZH107/07	E-3D		8/23sq
ZD411			Harrier GR7	AWC-SAOEU  
ZD468/58	        Harrier GR7	1sq        
ZG511/82	        Harrier GR7	4sq        
XX162		        Hawk T1		CAM                
XX309		        Hawk T1		208(R)sq           
XX324/324	        Hawk T1A	19(R)sq    
ZH868		        Hercules C4	LTW        
XX738/GG	        Jaguar GR3A	54sq       
XX846/PV	        Jaguar T4	16(R)sq    
XX487/CU-568	        Jetstream T2	750sq      
XX492/A		        Jetstream T1	45(R)sq    
XV255/55	        Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW
XW231		        Puma HC1	230sq      
ZJ277/77	        Squirrel HT1	DHFS       
ZA551/AX, ZA607/AB	Tornado GR4	9sq
ZD792/BE		Tornado GR4	14sq
ZD890/FR		Tornado GR4	12sq
ZE157/TY, ZE758/YI	Tornado F3	11sq
ZE161/UU		Tornado F3	43sq
ZE942/XE		Tornado F3	F3OEU
ZD952			Tristar KC1	216sq
ZF143/143		Tucano T1	1FTS
ZD230/K			VC10 K4		101sq
XM607			Vulcan B2	preserved

ZH101/01		E-3D		8/23sq	Alpha hngr
XW665			Nimrod R1	51sq	hangar 4
XV497/D			Phantom FGR2	pres	near hangar 1

AT26			Alpha Jet E	11sm	spec mks
AT27			Alpha Jet E	11sm
FA114, FA116		F-16AM		10w
37+58			F-4F		FLZ
LX-N19997		B707TCA		NAEW&CF         
T.19B-20/35-38	        CN235EA02	Ala 35  
C.15-13/12-01	        EF-18A+		Ala 12          
C.15-60/12-18	        EF-18A+		Ala 12          
XR379		        Alouette AH2	AACHF   
XR244		        Auster AOP9	AACHF   
ZE700		        BAe146 CC2	32(TR)sq
XP820		        Beaver AL1	AACHF   
WD325/N		        Chipmunk T10	AACHF   
ZH102/02, ZH103/03	E-3D		8/23sq
ZH105/05		E-3D		8/23sq
XX383/D			Gazelle AH1	666sq
XX378, XX447		Gazelle AH1	671sq/Blue Eagles
XZ349, ZA726		Gazelle AH1	671sq/Blue Eagles
ZD351/18, ZD407/36	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
XX200/200		Hawk T1A	208(R)sq        
XX244/244	        Hawk T1		208(R)sq                
ZH882, ZH887	        Hercules C5	LTW             
LF363/US-C	        Hurricane 2c	BBMF            
XX766/PE	        Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq	spec mks
XZ356/GF	        Jaguar GR3A	54sq            
PA474/QR-M	        Lancaster B1	BBMF            
XZ257/640	        Lynx HAS3	702sq           
XZ615		        Lynx AH7	667sq           
XZ676/N		        Lynx AH7	671sq           
ZD249/637	        Lynx HAS3S	702sq           
XV227/27	        Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW     
XV249, XW664	        Nimrod R1	51sq            
XT626/Q		        Scout AH1	AACHF           
XZ594		        S King HAR3	202sq/E Flt     
XT131/B		        Sioux AH1	AACHF           
AB910		        Spitfire 5b	BBMF            
ZJ262/62, ZJ266/66	Squirrel HT1	DHFS
ZA463/TL, ZD843/TG	Tornado GR4	15(R)sq
ZE812/XR, ZG796/WC	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
ZF242, ZF418		Tucano T1	1FTS

En de Red Arrows met Hawk T1(#)/T1A/T1W($)'s:
XX179$	XX227	XX237#	XX253	XX260
XX264	XX266	XX292$	XX294#	XX306

Flying only:
ZD951			Tristar K1	216sq
ZE159/UV, ZE731/YP	Tornado F3	111sq
ZE764/YD		Tornado F3	111sq
XV108, XV109		VC10 C1K	10sq

XH584			Canberra T4	nose only
(ZE356/Q)/9060M		F-4J(UK)	i/a
XX830			Jaguar T2A	nose only
VP293			Shackleton T4	nose only
ZJ962/SK		Vigilant T1	CGS
G-ANON			Tiger Moth	ex T7909               
G-APJB	                Prentice T1	ex VR259               
G-ARTL	                Tiger Moth	ex T7281               
G-BEFX	                Hillier HT2	ex XS165               
G-BFIR	                Anson C21	ex WD413               
G-BKFW	                Provost T1	ex XF597               
G-BPIV	                Bolingbro.IVT	as "R3821"             
G-BUOS	                Spitfire PR18	ex SM845               
G-BVWC	                Canberra B2	ex WK163               
G-BWEB	                Jet Provost T5A	ex XW422               
G-BWFS	                Hunter F58	ex Swiss J-4058        
G-BWIU	                Hunter F58	ex Swiss J-4021        
G-BWMJ	                Nieuport Scout	as "B3459"	replica
G-BWSG	                Jet Provost T5	ex XW324               
G-BWUV	                Chipmunk T10	ex WK640               
G-BXES	                Pembroke C1	ex XL954               
G-BXZD	                Gazelle HT2	ex XW895               
G-FFOX	                Hunter T7B	ex WV318               
G-FLYY	                Strikemstr 80A	ex Saudi 1112          
G-GONE	                Venom FB1	ex WR470               
G-JPTV	                Jet Provost T5	ex XW354               
G-LOSM	                Meteor NF11	ex WM167               
G-RORI	                Gnat T1		ex XR538                       
G-UPPI "FAE259"		Strikemaster 80	ex Saudi 1108
G-UVNR			Strikemaster 87	ex Botswana OJ10

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