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Abingdon 1980

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Date: 13 September 1980

Made by: Peter Nicholson, Paul Carr

Updated: 2 January 2011

XT661           Viscount                RAE Bedford 
132002          DHC-7                   1 CAG
XS643           Andover C.1             115 Squadron
XV814           Comet 4                 RAE Farnborough
VP971           Devon C.2               207 Squadron
XN981           Buccaneer S.2           216 Squadron
WJ639           Canberra TT.18          7 Squadron
XL389           Vulcan B.2              101 Squadron
67-14652        OV-10A Bronco           601 TCW
77-0248/WR	A-10A Thunderbolt       81 TFW
78-0590/WR      A-10A Thunderbolt	81 TFW
HB751           Fairchild Argus III	G-BCBL
VP958           Devon C.2               32 Squadron
VZ467/01        Meteor F(TT).8          1 TWU
WB586/A         Chipmunk T.10           6 AEF
WH794           Canberra PR.7           8652M
XE665           Hunter T.7              216 Squadron
XR725/F         Lightning F.6           LTF
XV468/W         Phantom FGR.2           29 Squadron
XW405/61        Jet Provost T.5A        1 FTS
XX165           Hawk T.1                4 FTS
XX265           Hawk T.1                63 Sqn/1 TWU
XX497/E         Jetstream T.1           6 FTS
XX524/04        Bulldog T.1             London UAS
XZ374/CA        Jaguar GR.1             20 Squadron
ZA947           Dakota C.3              RAE Farnborough
XS677/BV        Wessex HC.2             240 OCU
XW225/DJ        Puma HC.1               230 Squadron
XX374/L         Gazelle HT.3            CFS
XZ576/N-411     Sea King HAS.2          820 Squadron
XZ249/VL-745    Lynx HAS.2              702 Squadron
XZ456/103       Sea Harrier FRS.1       899 Squadron
XS489/WY        Wessex HU.5             707 Squadron
WV908/A-188     Sea Hawk FGA.6          Culdrose Stn Flt
T-420           T-17 Supporter          R Danish AF
XV744           Harrier GR.3            233 OCU
XV762/G         Harrier GR.3            233 OCU
XW421/68        Jet Provost T.5         1 FTS
XZ937/Y         Gazelle HT.3            CFS
XX545           Bulldog T.1             London UAS
XX554           Bulldog T.1             London UAS
WL747           Shackleton AEW.2        8 Squadron
XX300           Hawk T.1                1 TWU
XX303           Hawk T.1                1 TWU
XV192           Hercules C.1            LTW
ZA254           Tornado F.2             BAe Warton
XZ280           Nimrod MR.1             St. Mawgan Wing
XH554           Vulcan B.2              230 OCU
XE597/F         Hunter FGA.9            2 TWU			also logged as XE657/F instructional!
XX766/14        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
XH165           Canberra PR.9           39 Squadron
XX297           Hawk T.1                4 FTS
PA474/AJ-G      Lancaster B.2           BoB Memorial Flt
PZ865/JU-Q      Hurricane II            BoB Memorial Flt
LF363/GN-P      Hurricane IIC           BoB Memorial Flt
P7350           Spitfire IIA            BoB Memorial Flt
PM631           Spitfire XIX            BoB Memorial Flt
PS853           Spitfire XIX            BoB Memorial Flt
TF956/123T      Sea Fury FB.11          FAA Historical Flt
WT804/831       Hunter GA.11            FRADU Blue Herons
WT806/838       Hunter GA.11            FRADU Blue Herons
WW654/833       Hunter GA.11            FRADU Blue Herons
XE668/832       Hunter GA.11            FRADU Blue Herons

Unkown location:
EE549           Meteor F.4       	preserved
PK624/RAU:T     Spitfire F.22         	gate guard
WF791           Meteor T.7              Vintage Pair,CFS,RAF
XA536/P         Canberra T.19         	instructional
XE643           Hunter FGA.9      	nose preserved         RAFEF
XE657/F         Hunter F.4        	instructional
XH304           Vampire T.11            Vintage Pair,CFS,RAF
XL898           Whirlwind HAR.9 	preserved
XN962           Buccaneer S.1  		nose preserved         RAFEF
XP359           Whirlwind HAR.10        preserved
XR808/808       VC10 C.1                10 Sqn, RAF
XS737/K         Dominie T.1             6 FTS, RAF
XS765           Basset CC.1             RAE
XT895/D         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU, RAF
XT897/C         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU, RAF
XT910/I         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU, RAF
XV298/298       Hercules C.1            LTW, RAF
XV470/W         Phantom FGR.2           228 OCU, RAF
XV756/D         Harrier GR.3            233 OCU, RAF
XX122           Jaguar GR.1             RAF
XX295           Hawk T.1                4 FTS, RAF
XX481/CU-560    Jetstream T.2           750 Sqn, RN
XX744           Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU, RAF
XX751/10        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU, RAF
XX764/13        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU, RAF
XX846/A         Jaguar T.2              226 OCU, RAF
XX976/DK        Jaguar GR.1             31 Sqn, RAF
XZ111           Jaguar GR.1             RAF
XZ113/A         Jaguar GR.1             41 Sqn, RAF
XZ115/C         Jaguar GR.1             41 Sqn, RAF
XZ117/E         Jaguar GR.1             41 Sqn, RAF
XZ356/J         Jaguar GR.1             41 Sqn, RAF
XZ372/AK        Jaguar GR.1             14 Sqn, RAF
XZ383/BC        Jaguar GR.1             17 Sqn, RAF
XZ389/CN        Jaguar GR.1             20 Sqn, RAF
XZ392/DE        Jaguar GR.1             31 Sqn, RAF
XZ400           Jaguar GR.1             RAF
1x              Phantom FGR.2  		228 OCU, RAF
2x              Jaguar GR.1      	maintenance, 226 OCU, RAF
1x              Jaguar T.2              maintenance, 226 OCU, RAF
9x 		Hawk T.1s 		Red Arrows

G-ANZU          DH.82A Tiger Moth
G-AYJR          PA-28-140 Cherokee C
G-BBNT          PA-31-350 Chieftain     NEA
G-BBOH          Pitts S-1S
G-RUSS          Cessna 172N
G-TAXI          PA-23-250 Aztec E       NEA
JY-DCA          BN-2A-21 Islander
JY-RJG          Pitts S-2A        	RJ Falcons
JY-RJH          Pitts S-2A        	RJ Falcons
JY-RJJ          Pitts S-2A        	RJ Falcons

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