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Castle Bromwich 1957

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Date: 14 September 1957

Made by: Peter A Rowlings


6457M		Spitfire IX		Gate guard	
7422M		Hunter F1		red fin and spine, ex WT684
TA642/48        Mosquito TT35			                        
WL406/B	        Meteor T7			                        
XK381	        Auster AOP9		ARMY		                        
VV964	        Anson T21		or VV994?		                
VV984	        Anson T21			                        
XK907	        Whirlwind HAS7		Royal Navy	                
WV674/V-O	Provost T1		6 FTS	                        
WV683/M-F	Provost T1		6 FTS	                        
WW421	        Provost T1			                        
XF690/1	        Provost T1			                        
XD694	        Jet Provost T2			                        
WG301/H	        Chipmunk T10		Cambs UAS	                
WG479	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WP834	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WP851	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WP854	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WP862	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WP900	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WP922	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WZ868	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WZ876	        Chipmunk T10			                        
WN531	        Balliol T2			                        
WE972/Z	        Meteor F8		(or WE927?)		                
WZ460/32	Vampire T11			            
WZ475/17	Vampire T11			            
XA892	        Vulcan B1		83 sqn	            
XA906	        Vulcan B1			            
WP203	        Valiant B1			            
WZ374	        Valiant B1			            
XA919	        Victor B1			            
WD171	        Valetta C1			            
WL633	        Varsity T1			            
WB837	        Shackleton T4		MOTU-H		            
XE447	        Sea Hawk FGA6			            
WH704	        Canberra B2			            
WJ719	        Canberra B2			            
WJ723	        Canberra B2			            
WJ732	        Canberra B2			            
WV827		Sea Hawk 4		) 	    
WV832     	Sea Hawk 4		) codes 101-Z, 103-Z, 106-Z, 107-Z
XE400     	Sea Hawk 6		) 801 sqn
XE449     	Sea Hawk 6		)	            
XK663	        Comet C2		216 sqn	            
XK670	        Comet T2		216 sqn	            
WL496?		Vampire FB9		RAF Cranwell
WR172?	        Vampire FB9		RAF Cranwell
WR242?	        Vampire FB9		RAF Cranwell
WX204?	        Vampire FB9		RAF Cranwell
TG528/R	        Hastings C1		RAF Cranwell        
XL148	        Beverley C1			            
WK163	        Canberra		Scorpion test bed		
WN340	        Gannet AS1		Royal Navy	    
WP104/A	        Hunter F5		56 sqn	            
XA557	        Javelin FAW 1			            
WS742	        Meteor NF14		85 sqn	            
WS744	        Meteor NF14		85 sqn	            
WS792	        Meteor NF14		85 sqn	            
WS829	        Meteor NF14		85 sqn	            
WS830	        Meteor NF14		85 sqn	            
WS832	        Meteor NF14		85 sqn	            
WS847	        Meteor NF14		85 sqn	            
?	        Meteor NF 12/14		85 sqn	            
?	        Meteor NF 12/14		85 sqn	            
6x	        Hunter F6		63 sqn	    
?		F-100 Super Sabre	USAF	
52-6765	        F-84F Thunderstreak	USAF	
52-6784	        F-84F Thunderstreak	USAF	
52-6786	        F-84F Thunderstreak	USAF	
?	        F-84F Thunderstreak	USAF	
47-0058	        B-45A Tornado		USAF	        
47-0083	        B-45A Tornado		USAF	        
47-0091	        B-45A Tornado		USAF	        
51-8250	        C-119C Packet		USAF	        
G-AMAV	        Viscount 700			        
G-AGTX	        Auster Autocrat				        
G-AOGZ	        Dakota 4		Derby Aviation		
This was the last air show here, the airfield closed soon after on 1st April 1958					

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