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Humberside 1988

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Date: 24 July 1988

Made by:


XM470          Jet Provost T3A     RAF 
XV759          Harrier GR3         RAF 
XW374          Jet Provost T5A     RAF 
XW422          Jet Provost T5A     RAF 
XX310          Hawk T1             RAF 
XX379          Gazelle AH1         RAF 
XX697          Bulldog T1          RAF 
XX713          Bulldog T1          RAF 
XZ363          Jaguar GR1A         RAF 
XZ499          Sea Harrier FRS1    RN 
XZ997          Harrier GR3         RAF 
ZE370          Sea King HAR3       RAF 
XV292          Hercules            RAF 
268            SH-14B              RNETHN 
281            SH-14C              RNETHN 
G-APVS         CE170B 
G-ARHU         PA22-160 
G-ATML         CEF150F 
G-AVKG         CEF172H 
G-BAML         B206A 
G-BEFH         NORD1002 
G-BGSE         S2A 
G-BHOZ         TB9 
G-BLMR         PA18-150 
G-BMEV         PA32RT300 
G-BMOM         IS-28M2A 
G-BOIO         CE152 
G-BOIP         CE152 
G-FLYV         T67C 
G-WREN         S2A 
G-AEBJ         B2                  BAE 
G-AMSV         C47A                AIR 
G-BAMF         BO105D              BOND 
G-BATC         BO105D              BOND 
G-BAUR         F27-200             AIR UK 
G-BNIZ         F27-600             AIR UK 
G-CSJH         BAe146-200          AIR UK 

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