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Elmdon 1960

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Date: 2 April 1960

Made by: Ken Prentice


F-OBDY  	Nord N.2502 Noratlas    	149 Air Algerie.
G-AKJG  	DH.104 Dove 2B
G-AKYA  	P.44 Proctor 5
G-ANPV  	DH.114 Heron 2D
G-APRN  	AW.650 Argosy 101
G-APZG  	PA-24 Comanche 250
WH907  		E.E. Canberra B.2          	231 OCU.
WJ918/F		V.668 Varsity T.1          	RAFC
WN353/VL-504	Fairey Gannet AS.1         	
WV198  		S.55 Whirlwind HAS.21	
XH116/Y   	Blackburn Beverly C.1     	53 Squadron.
XJ775/69   	DH.115 Vampire T.11       	2 FTS.
XM415/24   	Hunting Jet Provost T.3   	2 FTS.

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