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Filton 1966

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Date: 18 June 1966

Made by: John Dyer

Updated:  03 October 2013

CP-14/OTCAN 	C-119G
XH476 		Vulcan B1
WJ327 		Hastings

MT-5 		CM170 			"Diables Rouges"
MT-7 		CM170 			"Diables Rouges"
MT-9 		CM170 			"Diables Rouges"
MT-11		CM170 			"Diables Rouges"
MT-20		CM170 			"Diables Rouges"
MT-27		CM170 			"Diables Rouges"
FU-52 		F-84F

FU-55 F-84F 2sm XF730/F Shackleton MR3 XJ632/62 Hunter F6 229 OCU XM716 Victor B(PR)2 XP190 Scout AH1 WP859 Chipmunk T10 WK622/P Chipmunk T10 WP962/O Chipmunk T10 XR668/45 Jet Provost T4 1FTS XS212/40 Jet Provost T4 CFS XN468/41 Jet Provost T4 CFS XS226/42 Jet Provost T4 CFS XS213/46 Jet Provost T4 CFS XS217/50 Jet Provost T4 CFS LS326 Swordfish 5A FAAHF D8096 Bristol F2B K8032 Gladiator Elsewhere: WH208 Meteor T7 CAW XK488 Buccaneer S1 XM695 Gnat T1 XH897/W Javelin FAW9 5sq XH557 Vulcan B2


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