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Henlow 1971

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Date: 31 May 1971

Made by: anonymous


8417		Fokker DVIII
P2617		Hurricane I
DG590		Hawk Major
TX214		Anson C19

Closed hangar:
R9125		Lysander III
TE384		Spitfire IX
TW117		Mosquito T3
XD145		Saro SR53
XF785		B173

LF363/LE-D	Hurricane IIc
PM631/AD-C	Spitfire PR19
WF331/M		Varsity T1		5FTS
WG308/E		Chipmunk T10		East Midlands UAS
WK591/Y		Chipmunk T10		East Midlands UAS
WP901/A		Chipmunk T10		East Midlands UAS
WZ884/U		Chipmunk T10		East Midlands UAS
XH616		Victor K1A		57sq
XL659		Britannia C1		99/511sq
XP395/R		Whirlwind HAR10		230sq
XR367		Belfast C1		53sq
XR397		Comet C1		216sq
XR540		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR987		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR996		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XS101		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XS107		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XS110		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XS111		Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XS109/A		Gnat T1			CFS
XS899/G		Lightning F6		5sq
XS903/C		Lightning F6		5sq
XV233		Nimrod MR1		236OCU
XV429		Phantom FGR2		54sq
XV477		Phantom FGR2		54sq
XV479		Phantom FGR2		54sq
XV495		Phantom FGR2		54sq
XW296/57	Jet Provost T5		"Linton Blades" 1FTS
XW301/60	Jet Provost T5		"Linton Blades" 1FTS
XW308/67	Jet Provost T5		"Linton Blades" 1FTS
XW312/71	Jet Provost T5		"Linton Blades" 1FTS
50692		F-4D Phantom		USAF 78TFS/81TFW
50702		F-4D Phantom		USAF 78TFS/81TFW
50711		F-4D Phantom		USAF 78TFS/81TFW
2x		F-4D Phantom		USAF 78TFS/81TFW
G-ACIT		DH84 Dragon		nn

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