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Bentwaters 1992

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Date: 5 September 1992

Made by: Tony Szulc, AIR/WLAG


76-0522/WR      A10A            510thFS/81stFW
76-0550/WR      A10A            "
79-0217/WR      A10A            "
80-0160/WR      A10A            "
81-0951/WR      A10A            81stFW          (New Grey scheme)
81-0982/WR      A10A            81stFW
81-0988/WR      A10A            81stFW          (New Grey scheme)
82-0655/WR      A10A            81stTFW Special marks "81stTFW"
57-1432         KC135A  	906thARS
58-0128/D       KC135R  	100thARW
90-0251/LN      F15E            492ndFS/48thFW
68-0032/UH      F111E           77thFS/20thFW
68-0050/UH      F111E           77thFS/20thFW
79-23223        AH1F            1-1st Cav
88-26067        UH60A           7-227thAvn
87-0504         AH64A           2-227thAvn
XS644           Andover E3A     115 Sqn
XN981/981       Bucc S.2B       12 Sqn
XX900/900       Bucc S.2B       12 Sqn
WJ630/ED        Canberra T17    360 Sqn
ZA683/EW        Chinook HC1     7 Sqn
XX230           Hawk T1A        63 Sqn/2 TWU (Black c/s)
XX281           Hawk T1A        151 Sqn/2 TWU
XX334           Hawk T1A        2 TWU
XV292           Hercules C1P    LTW (25th Anniversary c/s)
XX974/GH        Jaguar GR1A     54 Sqn
XT896/V 	Phantom FGR2    74 Sqn
XT910/0         Phantom FGR2    74 Sqn
XT914/Z         Phantom FGR2    74 Sqn
ZE369           Sea King HAR3   202 Sqn
ZF202           Tucano T1       3 FTS
ZF315           Tucano T1       3 FTS
BR07            Mirage 5BR      42 Sqn/3 Wing BAF
BR21            Mirage 5BR      42 Sqn/3 Wing BAF
FA77            F16A            23 Sqn/10 Wing/BAF
FB10            F16B            u/m
35+25           RF4E            AkG-51
37+08           F4F             JG-74
38+08           F4F             JG-74
41+26           Alphajet        JbG-49
41+64           Alphajet        JbG-43
51+01           C160D           LTG-62
HA-SIF          Zlin 50 LS
HA-SIG          Zlin 50 LS
HA-SIH          Zlin 50 LS
54-21261        T-33A           N33VC

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