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Woodford 1990

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Date: 22/23 June 1990

Made by: Kevin Hall, Hazel Tyrell, Stuart Beddows

Updated: 5 November 2004

XS640           Andover E3         115 SQN 
XX685   L       Bulldog T1         L/pool U.A.S. 
XX338           Hawk T1            4 FTS 
XV298           Hercules C1P       LTW 
XX830           Jaguar T2          ETPS 
XW430   58      Jet provost T5A    CFS 
XX483   CU-562  Jetstream T2       750 SQN 
ZG969           PC-9               BAe Warton 
XV582   M       Phantom FG1        111 SQN 
ZD613   713     Sea-Harrier FRS 1  899 SQN 
ZA562   JT      Tornado GR1        27 SQN 
ZE858   FB      Tornado F3         25 SQN 
ZF242           Tucano T1          7 FTS 
ZA148   G       VC-10 K3           101 SQN 
81-0982 WR      A-10A              81 TFW 
XM603           Vulcan B2          AARS 

XV306           Hercules C1P       LTW 
XX165           Hawk T1            4 FTS 
XW429   C       Jet provost T5A    6 FTS 
XT898   CE      Phantom FGR2       228 OCU 
XH558           Vulcan B2          VDF 

Unknown location:
XW903   E	Gazelle		   AAC            
XX238 		Hawk T1
ZD565   633	Lynx		   RN             
XT646   Z	Scout		   AAC   
WG655 		Sea Fury T20 
G-BKUY 		Jetstream 3102
G-TIII	+1	Pitts S-2A
G-PMNL		Pitts S-2A
G-TNTA		BAe 146
N1344  		Ryan PT22
N49272 		Fairchild PT23
N56421 		Ryan PT22
N58566 		Vultee BT15
VP-FBL		DHC-6 300 	   British Antartic Survey cn838

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