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Fairford 1982

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Date: 25 July 1982

Made by: David Rickwood


80-0275 WR 	Fairchild A-10A 	81 TFW USAF
64-0555 	Lockheed MC-130E 	7 SOS USAFE
63-7998		Boeing KC-135A  	USAF        
65-0267         Lockheed C-141B 	437 MAW USAF
74-1632 SP	McD-D F-4E 		52 TFW USAFE
74-1535 35 	Northrop F-5E 		527 TFTAS USAFE
79-0070 BT y   	McD-D F-15C 		53 TFS,36 TFW USAF
80-0559 HR wh   GD F-16A 		313 TFS,50 TFW USAFE
68-0052 UH y   	GD F-111E 		79 TFS,20 TFW USAFE
68-3790		OV-10A 			601 TCW USAFE
XJ825		Avro Vulcan K2 		50 Sqn RAF
ZA559 559	Panavia Tornado GR1 	TWCU RAF
XW322 43 	BAC Jet Provost T5A 	RAF College RAF
XV103 103 	Vickers VC10 C1K 	10 Sqn RAF
XZ358 L 	SEPECAT Jaguar GR1A 	41 Sqn RAF
XZ430 430 	HS Buccaneer S2B 	208 Sqn RAF
XR716 AS 	EE Lightning F3 	5 Sqn RAF
XV753 M    	BAe Harrier GR3 	233 OCU RN
No. 9 12-KB 	AMD-B Mirage F1C	EC3/12 Adla
74-1645 SP 	McD-D F-4E 		52 TFW USAF
79-0010 BT y   	McD-D F-15D 		53 TFS,36 TFW USAFE
80-0575 HR wh   GD F-16A 		313 TFS,50 TFW USAFE
XZ998 J 	BAe Harrier GR3 	233 OCU RAF
XX176 176 	BAe Hawk T1 		4 FTS RAF
PA474 AJ-G 	Avro Lancaster I 	BoBMFlt RAF
44-85784 	Boeing B-17G 		USAAF
68-0071 UH y   	GD F-111E 		79 TFS,20 TFW USAFE, also logged as 68-0072/UH!
79-0109 WR 	Fairchild A-10A 	81 TFW USAFE
80-0231 WR 	Fairchild A-10A 	81 TFW USAFE
LF363 GN-F 	Hawker Hurricane IIC 	BoBMFlt RAF
XW207 CD 	Westland Puma HC1 	33 Sqn RAF
AR213 QG-A 	Supermarine Spitfire IA Civil
G-ANDE 105 	De Havilland Tiger Moth I Civil
G-BBOH		Pitts Special S-1S 	Marlboro Civil
G-ROLL          Pitts Special S-2A 	Marlboro Civil
G-WREN          Pitts S-2A 		Marlboro Civil        
59-1488		Boeing KC-135R 		319 BW USAF 
56-3619         Boeing KC-135A          2 BW USAF   
57-1421         Boeing KC-135A          28 BW USAF  
57-1497         Boeing KC-135A          92 BW USAF  
58-0070         Boeing KC-135A          7 BW USAF   
60-0322         Boeing KC-135A          410 BW USAF 
63-8875         Boeing KC-135R          340 ARG USAF
63-8879         Boeing KC-135R          320 BW USAF 
63-8881         Boeing KC-135R          380 BW USAF 

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