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Alconbury 1991(2)

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Date: 3/4 August 1991

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

GA-10A   	80-0219\AR   	  BDR `PHOENIX`
F-4C            63-7419\SA        BDR          
F-4N            153008            BDR          
F-5E            01532             GATE         
F-101B          56-0312\AR        BDR          
U-2CT           56-6692           STORED       

A-10A    	79-0224\AR -      10 TFW\- `HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL`           
A-10A           80-0157\AR -      10 TFW\- `FIGHTIN IRISH`                  
A-10A           80-0170\AR -      10 TFW\- `LAKANUKI`                       
A-10A           80-0194\AR bk     10 TFW\511 TFS `FREEDOM WARHOG TO FLY FIGHT BELIVE`
A-10A		80-0219\AR	  10 TFW
A-10A           81-0947\AR -      10 TFW\- `DESERT BELLE`                   
A-10A           81-0948\AR -      10 TFW\-                                  
A-10A           81-0967\AR bk     10 TFW\511 TFS `BROTHERS IN ARMS`         
A-10A           81-0979\AR mlt    10 TFW\509 TFS `509 TFS`                  
B-52G           58-0170           416 BW\668 BS                             
HC-130N         69-5826           39 SOG\67 SOS                             
KC-135R         62-3580    cammo  416 BW\41 ARS                             
EC-135H         61-0282    b      513 ACCW\10 ACCS                          
C-141B          66-7950           438 MAW\6 MAS                             
F-111F          74-0177\LN b      48 TFW\492 TFS                            
EF-111A         67-0048\UH        66 ECW\42 ECS                             
TR-1A           80-1081           17 RW\95 RS                               
CF-18B          188926            421 SQN                                   
CH-136          136233            444 SQN                                   
CH-136          136234            444 SQN
F-16A           E-203             ESK-723                                   
F-16B           ET-197            ESK-726                                   
RF-4E           35+26             AKG-52   tiger c/s
RF-4E           35+76             AKG-52                                    
F-4F            38+74             JBG-35
Alpha Jet       41+21             JBG-41                                    
F-16A           J-619             311 SQN                                   
Alouette III    H-20         	  SAR
BO-105C         B-72              299 SQN                                   
A-7P     	5529              302 ESQ
Bucaneer S2B 	XX885\L     	  208 SQN  Sand  An-12 Kill `Famous Grouse-Caroline-Hello Sailor`   
Bucaneer S2B    XX893       	  208 SQN  Sand             
Canberra TT18   WJ680\CT   	  100 SQN                   
Hawk T1  	XX249             4 FTS     
Hawk T1A  	XX317             1 TWU\234 SQN
Hawk T1A  	XX339             1 TWU\234 SQN
Hunter T7  	XL616\D           208 SQN          
JP T5A   	XW292\32          3 FTS
Jetstream T1  	XX494\B     	  6 FTS
Nimrod MR2P  	XV227        	  120 SQN
Phantom FGR2  	XV470\BD    	  56 SQN
Tornado GR1  	ZD810\AA     	  9 SQN  Sand-Sharksmouth
Tornado GR1  	ZA326        	  RAE
Tornado F3T  	ZE888\EV     	  23 SQN
Tucano T1  	ZF265             CFS   
Victor K2  	XH672             55 SQN   `Maid Marion` 
VC-10 K2  	ZA140\A           101 SQN  `BP`

A-10A     	80-0171\WR b      81 TFW\91 TFS           
A-10A           80-0204\WR b      81 TFW\91 TFS           
MC-130E         64-0555           435 TAW\7 SOS           
F-15C           80-0011\BT r      36 TFW\22 TFS           
F-15C           80-0022\BT r      36 TFW\22 TFS  `22 TFS` 
F-111F          71-0884\LN b      48 TFW\492 TFS          
TR-1A           80-1094           17 RW\95 RS             
F-16A           J-618             311 SQN                 
F-16B           J-885             311 SQN                 
A-7P            5521              302 ESQ                 
T-33A           54-21261                                  
Andover E3A  	XS644        	  115 SQN  Falcons
Canberra B6  	XH568        	  RAE
Hawk T1   	XX172             4 FTS
Hawk T1   	XX240             4 FTS
Jaguar GR1A  	XX116\02     	  226 OCU
Jaguar GR1A  	XX965\07     	  226 OCU
Sea King HAR3  	XZ593     	  202 SQN
Tornado GR1  	ZA606        	  TWCU
Tornado GR1  	ZD842        	  TWCU
Tucano T1   	ZF245         	  7 FTS
Tucano T1   	ZF287         	  7 FTS

Flying only:
WC-135B    	61-2667           513 ACCW\10 ACCS 
Jetstreram T1  	XX496\D    	  6 FTS
Nimrod MR2P  	XV238        	  120 SQN    
B-17G    	124485\DF-A        
Lancaster B1  	PA-474\PM-M  	  BOBMF
Spitfire IIA  	P7350\YT-F   	  BOBMF
Hurricane IIC  	LF363\GN-A 	  BOBMF
A-10A  		77-0276\AR  gy    10 TFW\509 TFS                   
A-10A           79-0220\AR  -     10 TFW\-  `Yankee Express`     
A-10A           81-0953\AR  -     10 TFW\-  `Giv em Hell`        
A-10A           82-0657\AR  -     10 TFW\-  `Hog`s Breath Saloon`
TR-1A           80-1092           17 RW\95 RS                    
TR-1A           80-1099           17 RW\95 RS                    

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