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Leuchars 1966

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Date: 17 September 1966

Made by: Michael Branford


PM631		Spitfire PR19		BBMF   
WD485	        Hastings C2	        36sqn  
WF425	        Varsity T1                     
WR958	        Shackleton MR3                 
WT489	        Canberra T4	        231 OCU
XA913	        Vulcan B1                      
XA928	        Victor		        57 sqn 
XB286/Z	        Beverley C1	        242OCU 
XD186	        Whirlwind HAR10	        202 sqn
XE656/56	Hunter F6	
XF443/51	Hunter F6
XG264/O		Hunter F6		54sqn    
XH504		VulcanB2	                 
XH713/O		Javelin FAW9	        228 OCU  
XH715/M		Javelin FAW9	        228 OCU  
XH898/GHB	Javelin FAW9	        228 OCU  
XJ490		Sea Vixen FAW2	        776 sqn  
XL189	        Victor B2	        100 sqn
XL233	        Victor B2	        100 sqn
XM139	        Lightning F1A		228OCU
XM145	        Lightning F1A		228OCU
XM278	        Canberra B(1)8                
XN392	        Britannia C1                  
XN468/41	Jet Provost T3		Red Pelicans
XN928/641	Buccaneer S1		736 sqn
XN956/635	Buccaneer S1		736 sqn
XP618/50	Jet Provost T4		3FTS     
XP705/K		Lightning F3	        74 sqn   
XP707/A	        Lightning F3	        23 sqn
XP708/B	        Lightning F3	        23 sqn
XP752/D	        Lightning F3	        23 sqn
XP753/J	        Lightning F3	        74 sqn
XP754/M	        Lightning F3	        74 sqn
XP757/G	        Lightning F3	        23 sqn
XR677/34	Jet Provost T4		3 FTS
XR679/59	Jet Provost T4		3 FTS
XR768/A		Lightning F6		74 sqn
XS100/57	Gnat T1			4FTS
XS212/40	Jet Provost T4		Red Pelicans
XS213/46	Jet Provost T4		Red Pelicans
XS217/50	Jet Provost T4		Red Pelicans
XS218/32	Jet Provost T4		3 FTS
XS220/47	Jet Provost T4		3 FTS
XS225/47	Jet Provost T4		Red Pelicans	
XS417/Z		Lightning T5		23 sqn 
XS583	        Sea Vixen FAW 2		776 sqn
XS712	        Dominie T1		1 ANS  
XS713	        Dominie T1		1 ANS  
XS714/K	        Dominie T1		1 ANS  
XS735	        Dominie T1		COAW   
XS794	        Andover CC2	       
0-52852		F100			USAF 
64-1002	        RF-4C			10TRW
D-6656	        F-104G			Klu  
D-8093	        F-104G			Klu  

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