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Valley 1999

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Date: 20 August 1999

Made by: Kevin Hall, Phil Jones


XZ587             Seaking HAR 3 
ZJ100             Hawk 102D              BAe Warton 
ZJ241/L           Griffin HT1            60(R)SQN 
XX352/CP          Hawk T1A               100 SQN 
ZF515             Tucano T1              1 FTS 
69-5790           MH-53J                 21 SOS 
FA131/FS          F-16A                  2sm 
WV318             Hunter T7B 
XS709/M           Dominie T1             55(R)SQN 
XX154             Hawk T1                DTEO, 25th ann. mks 
XX158             Hawk T1                25th ann. mks 
XX159             Hawk T1 
XX160             Hawk T1 
XX161             Hawk T1 
XX172             Hawk T1                dragon mks 
XX174             Hawk T1                25th ann. mks 
XX185             Hawk T1 
XX244             Hawk T1                yellow display mks 
XX236             Hawk T1                25th ann. mks 
XX258             Hawk T1                NSPCC titles + green disc mks 
G-BWGT(XR679)     Jet provost T4 

Flypast/Airfield Attack: 
ZD402/31          Harrier GR7            20(R)SQN 
(ZA449)/Q         Tornado GR1            2 SQN 
(ZD996)/I         Tornado GR1            2 SQN 
1x                Tornado GR1            2 SQN 
WK128             Canberra B2            DERA Llanbedr 
ZH665/S           Harrier T 10           20(R)SQN 
ZG467/57          Harrier GR7            20(R)SQN 
ZE700             BAe 146                32(R)SQN 

ZE702             BAe 146                32(R)SQN 
XX838/R           Jaguar T2              16(R)SQN 

Based Aircraft: 
ZJ240/U           Griffin HT1            60(R)SQN 
ZJ242/E           Griffin HT1            60(R)SQN 
XZ594             Seaking HAR 3 
XX167             Hawk T1 
XX169             Hawk T1 
XX175             Hawk T1 
XX177             Hawk T1 
XX181             Hawk T1 
XX189             Hawk T1 
XX198             Hawk T1 
XX204             Hawk T1                grey c/s 
XX224             Hawk T1 
XX225             Hawk T1 
XX234             Hawk T1 
XX239             Hawk T1 
XX245             Hawk T1 
XX248             Hawk T1 
XX250             Hawk T1 
XX256             Hawk T1 
XX261             Hawk T1 
XX278             Hawk T1 
XX281             Hawk T1 
XX284             Hawk T1 
XX287             Hawk T1 
XX290             Hawk T1 
XX303             Hawk T1 
XX309             Hawk T1 
XX314             Hawk T1 
XX316             Hawk T1 
XX318             Hawk T1 
XX321             Hawk T1 
XX324             Hawk T1 
XX329             Hawk T1 
XX332             Hawk T1 
XX339             Hawk T1 
XX345             Hawk T1                NSPCC + green disc mks 
XX350             Hawk T1 
XX???             Hawk T1                grey c/s with navy blue tail 

Inside Hangers: 
XX203             Hawk T1 
XX240             Hawk T1 
XX283             Hawk T1 
XX319             Hawk T1 

WV396/91          Hunter T8C             Gate 
2x                F-15s                  Overflight at 14.15pm (Wild 31 flt) 
XV...             C-130 C1               Lowlevel over Llandudno at 15.55pm 

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