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Culdrose 2001

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Date: 18 July 2001

Made by: Alexis Milligan


61+09   	Atlantic           	German Navy MFG-3
1116            Bryza 1-R               Polish Navy      
410             MFI-17 Supporter        Danish AF        
414             MFI-17 Supporter        Danish AF        
XV246           Nimrod MR2           	Kinloss Wing RAF 
ZA673           Chinook HC2             27Sqn RAF        
XX486           Jetstream T2            750 Sqn RN       
XX314           Hawk T1                 4FTS RAF         
XX187           Hawk T1A                FRADU RN         
ZJ234           Griffin HT1             DHFS RAF         
ZJ258           Squirrel HT1            DHFS RAF         
ZH851           Merlin HM1              700M Sqn RN      
ZD258           Lynx HMA8               SFDO RN          
ZF379           Tucano T1               1FTS RAF         
ZD263           Lynx HAS3S              AMG RN           
?69             Lynx HAS3               702 Sqn RN       
XV661           Sea King HAS5U          771 Sqn RN       
XV710           Sea King HAS6           820 Sqn RN       
ZE418           Sea King AEW2           849 Sqn RN       
XW271           Harrier T4              SFDO RN          
XV808           Harrier GR3             SFDO RN          
VF516           Beagle                  Private          
N56             SZD Junior              BGA RN           
G-BVHE          Grob Heron              Plymouth RN      
G-BZDK          X-Air                   Private          
G-BDNU          Cessna 172              Private          
G-CSFC          Cessna 150              Private          
G-SUEZ          Jetranger 2             Private          
G-HITM          Thruster                Private          
G-EPED          Chieftain               Private          
G-UJGK          Jabiru                  Private          
G-EXEA          Extra 300L              Private          
G-IIZI          Extra 300L              Private          
Flight Line:
W5856   	Swordfish II            RNHF
VR930   	Sea Fury                RNHF
ZF407   	Tucano T1               1FTS RAF
ZD375 (23)      Harrier GR7     	20 Sqn RAF
ZD378 (26)      Harrier GR7     	20 Sqn RAF
ZH808 (712)     Harrier FA2     	899 Sqn RN
(?PA)   	Jaguar GR3              RAF          
ZA491           Tornado GR1B            12 Sqn RAF   
?               Tornado GR1             (XV/TC) RAF  
?               Tornado F3              RAF          
XX478           Jetstream T2            750 Sqn RN   
XX488           Jetstream T2            750 Sqn RN   
XX476           Jetstream T2            750 Sqn RN   
ZE441           Jetstream T3            Heron Flt RN 
XX157           Hawk T1A                FRADU RN     
XX231           Hawk T1W                FRADU RN     
XX224           Hawk T1                 FRADU RN     
XX238           Hawk T1                 FRADU RN     
XX309           Hawk T1                 19(R) Sqn RAF
XX320           Hawk T1A                100 Sqn RAF  
ZD251           Lynx HAS3S              702 Sqn RAF  
XZ257           Lynx HAS3S              702 Sqn RAF  
ZH835           Merlin HM1              824 Sqn RN   
ZH?             4X Merlin HM1           RN           
XV650           Sea King AEW2           AMG RN       
XV700           Sea King HAS6           849 Sqn RN   
XV671           Sea King AEW2     	849 Sqn (B Flt) RN 
G-CVIX          Sea Vixen         	(XP924) D.H.A      
G-GONE          Venom FB-50             D.H.A        
G-BWXO          Firefly                 BH RAF       
G-BWXY          Firefly                 BH RAF       
G-PRII          Hunter PRII            	(WT723/866)   
?       	Hunter                  Private              
G-KAWW          Wasp HAS1              	(XT781/426) ex. NZ3908
RA01358         Yak 50                 	Yakovlevs Team        
RA02050         Yak 50                  Yakovlevs Team       
107             Yak 50                  Yakovlevs Team       
LY-AGG          Yak 52                  Yakovlevs Team       
XX233           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX237           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX253           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX260           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX264           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX266           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX292           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX294           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX306           Hawk T1                 Red Arrows           
XX308           Hawk T1               	Red Arrows (10)        
Sports Field (Out Side Gate):
XW849           Gazelle AH1     	847 Sqn RM
ZD282           Lynx AH7                847 Sqn RM
ZA293/ZO        Sea King HC4            848 Sqn RN
ZA299/ZT        Sea King HC4            848 Sqn RN
ZA312/ZS        Sea King HC4            848 Sqn RN
ZB507/ZN        Sea King HC4            848 Sqn RN
ZD476/ZU        Sea King HC4            848 Sqn RN
ZD480/E         Sea King HC4            845 Sqn RN
ZF122/VU        Sea King HC4            846 Sqn RN
ZF123/VY        Sea King HC4            846 Sqn RN
ZG822/VN        Sea King HC4            846 Sqn RN
Elsewhere (Static Side):
G-CEGR  	King Air        	Private
G-DAKK  	Dakota          	South Coast Airways
Flying Only:
G-FRAM  	Falcon 20       	FRA
G-FRAR  	Falcon 20       	FRA
G-MAFE  	Dornier 228     	FRA
?       	KC-135R         	351st ARS
XV359/035  	Buccaneer S2B        	Preserved
WF225      	Sea Hawk F1          	Gate Guard
Plus Many Based Aircraft

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