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Upper Heyford 1984

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Date: 9 June 1984

Made by: Adrian Hairsine, Kevin Hall, Jean-Michel Schweitzer

Updated: 23 March 2007

65-0276  	C-141
68-0033/UH 	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0020/UH 	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0481/RS	F-4E		86th TFW
69-0356/ZR 	RF-4C		26th TRS
74-1569		F-5E		
74-1682		C-130
81-0673		F-16A
81-0987		A-10A
XP750		Lightning
XW533 		Buccaneer
ZA140 		VC-10
XX723 		Jaguar
FB15 		F-16B  
AR-110 		Draken
XA893 		Vulcan 		nose only
WH146 		Canberra 	nose only
73-0714 	F-111F		nose only

81-0663/1	F-16A		Thunderbirds
81-0667/2	F-16A		Thunderbirds
81-0676/3	F-16A		Thunderbirds
81-0677/4	F-16A		Thunderbirds
81-0679/5	F-16A		Thunderbirds
81-0687/6	F-16A		Thunderbirds
81-0678/7	F-16A		Thunderbirds
81-0683/8	F-16A		Thunderbirds
WG655 		Sea Fury
G-TJET/91007	T-33
NX-1337A/133722	F4U Corsair
G-DAKS  	Dakota
485784  	B-17 		'Sally B'
G-THEA  	Boeing Stearman
XV203  		Hercules
XV209  		Hercules
XV217  		Hercules
67-0120/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0041/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
XX248  		Hawk T1
G-WOTG 		Islander
67-0469/ZR	RF-4C		26th TRS
81-0669/HR	F-16A		50th TRW
80-0144/WR	A-10A
80-0218/WR	A-10A

Flying only:
70-0463		C-5A  		USAF
PM631		Spitfire 	BBMF
PZ865		Hurricane	BBMF
XX338		Hawk T1		4 FTS

Also on field:
XX227		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX243		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX253		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX257		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX259		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX260		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX264		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX266		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX304		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX306		Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XV864 		Buccaneer
XX901 		Buccaneer
XZ937 		Gazelle
AT-153 		Draken
G-JORR 		AS350
63-8083 	C-141
64-0612 	C-141
67-0041/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0011/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0025/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0032/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0071/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0082/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0083/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0063/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0038/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0044/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0052/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0061/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
68-0062/UH	F-111E		20th TFW
36		Mystere IVA	Decoy
46		Mystere IVA	Decoy
127		Mystere IVA	Decoy
139		Mystere IVA	Decoy
68-0496/RS	F-4E		86th TFW
74-2071 	C-130

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