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Farnborough 2008

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Date: 14-21 July 2008

Made by: Scramble, John Creasey, J. de Haan, Steve Mitchell, Dave Windsor, Scramble Messsage Board.


From 14-20 July the bi-annual Farnborough International Airshow was held at this airfield just 
west of London. Compared to previous editions, this year’s show saw fewer military visitors
although some rare aircraft made their appearance. Highlight this year was the Israeli Air Force 
Gulfstream which showed its updated fuselage full of intelligence gathering equipment.
Unfortunately it already departed to Israel after five days. Also the Saab 2000 AEW intended 
for the Pakistan Air Force was a treat. The cancellation of the RIAT made some of the participating
aircraft at Fairford decide to go to Farnborough. Of these extra visitors, the T-1 Jayhawk was 
the most uncommon one. Because the runway at Farnborough is not long enough for a B-1 to land 
and/or take-off, only one of the pilots was present without an aircraft but with an information 
board about the B-1, looking a bit disappointed between its US Air Force colleagues next to their 
aircraft. The B-1 did make its appearance in the display program. A fi rst time visitor in the air 
display program was the Lockheed Martin F-22, which sadly only showed its skills during the show 
on Monday afternoon. India was present with both military and civilian aircraft and helicopters 
and was one of the biggest exhibitors. The ever impressive B777-300, this time in Air India livery, 
was on the static side, while its European competitor Airbus showed its A380 on the static display
and in the air. With the American KC-X tanker program facing another new episode, EADS took the 
opportunity to show the refueling equipment of its A330 (or KC-45), but this time fitted on an 
A310 demonstrator. Of course, the main goal of the SBAC at Farnborough is for companies to sell 
as much aircraft (parts) as possible, and like every year the biggest competition was between 
Boeing and Airbus. Some of the most impressive orders were 50 B737-800s for the new company 
FlyDubai and 20 A320s, 25 A350s, and ten A380-800s, with options for five, ten, and five of each
aircraft respectively for Etihad Airways. To prevent being partial, Etihad also ordered 35 
Boeing 787’s and 10 Boeing 777-300’s. Embraer received others for up to 25 EMB190s while the 
Ilyushin Finance Company announced an order for 31 Tu-204s, along with options for another 30.

We made a full report of the show on Monday 14 July and a list of visitors noted later that week. 
Since aircraft were towed from the static to the fl ightline and back often, and with some of the
visitors being present for only a short period of time, it is hard to give a complete overview of 
the aircraft present. Nevertheless an impressive number of bizzjets could be noted during the week 
of the show. Various helicopters operated out of a temporary heliport. These are not included in 
this report.

Textron Area:
- 			Bell 429 		nmks
G-PATR 			Bell 407 		Textron
G-NOUS 			Cessna 172S 		Cessna    
G-OXLS                  Cessna 560XLS 		Cessna  
N208AE                  Cessna 208B 		Cessna    
N400BU                  Cessna 400 		Cessna 			LC41
N405CJ                  Cessna 525A 		Cessna    
N680GG                  Cessna 680 		Cessna     
N6189D                  Cessna T.206H 		Cessna  
N61910                  Cessna 182T 		Cessna    
N968CM                  Cessna 510 		Cessna     

Finmeccanica Area:
MM62208/10-02 		ATR42-400MP 		3°Nucleo Aereo
CSX62219/46-87 		C-27J 			311°Gruppo 		119
MM55097/4-24 		EF2000(T) 		IX Gruppo CIO
CSX619 			M311 			Alenia 			201
CMX617 			M346 			Alenia 			003
MM81520/E.I.203 	NH90-TTH 		1°Gruppo Sqd

Front row of helicopters:
HB-ZUS 			AW119Ke 		Air Engiadina 		14707
I-RAIU 			AW139 			Turkish flag on tail
EI-KEO 			AW109Grand 		Private

Rear row of helicopters:
M-513 			EH101 Mk512 		Esk 722
277 			AW139 			301sq
XZ723 			Lynx HMA8 		815sq/LOEU
I-CESR 			AW109Grand 		Elilombarda

Entrance to pavilion:
97-2 			Macchi MC.205V 		mock-up
XT626/Q 		Scout AH1 		AACHAF

Cross Runway:
ZJ694 			Sentinel R1 		5sq 			9135
F-WWDD 			A380-841 		Airbus 			004
G-APSA 			DC-6A 			British Eagle
N352F 			Kestrel F1 		Farnborough 		001
VT-VJL 			A330-223 		Kingfisher Airlines

Behind Sentinel:
EC-003 			DA20 			Boeing 			36735
- 			MQ-8B 			mock-up
980228 			RQ-4A 			mock-up
505 			X-47B 			mock-up

Middle Pan - Front Row:
G-TVCO 			GA-8 			Airvan 			06-101
HB-HZC 			PC-21 			Pilatus 		101
HB-FVC 			PC-12/47E 		Pilatus 		1002
N7SJ 			SJ30 			Sino-Swearingen
PH-LLL 			PC-6/B2-H4 					954

Middle Pan - Back Row:
569 			G550 			122sq 			5069
(10-045)/SE-045 	Saab 2000AEW 		for Pakistan 		SE-045
99-0064 		C-17A 			62nd AW
05-8157 		C-130J-30 		815th AS AFRC
84-0010/LN 		F-15C 			493rd FS
91-0349/SP 		F-16CJ 			22nd FS
95-0063 		T-1A 			99th FTS
166662/AD-275 		F/A-18F 		VFA-106
G-CIRS 			SR20-GTS 					1911
G-DISA 			Bulldog Mk125 		ex Jordan 420
SE-MAA/501 		DHC-8-311 		Kustbevakning
N770CP 			SR22-GTSx 					3045
VT-ALN 			B777-337ER 		Air India 		36312

D-CVJN 			Lj40XR 			Vista Jet 		2091
F-WWEG (VT-KAT) 	ATR72-500 		Kingfisher Airlines
G-BWWW 			BAe3102 		BAE Systems
G-VLCN/XH558 		Vulcan B2 		Vulcan To The Sky
N265DE 			Global 5000 		JT Aviation 		9265
N605BA 			CL-605 			Bombardier 		5707

Business Air Park - Rear Row:
EI-GEM 			BAe125-850XP 		Airlink Airw. 		258901
F-GVNG 			Falcon 2000EX 		Dassault 		114
HB-JSZ 			Falcon 7X 		Dasnair SA 		04
N3400H 			Beech C90Gti 		Beechcraft 		LJ1890
N36EU 			Beech G36 		Beechcraft 		E3843
N58EU 			Beech G58 		Beechcraft 		TH2219
N590EU 			Beech B350ER 		Beechcraft 		FL590
N7007Q (N711GD) 	Raytheon 4000 		Sunflower 		RC-7

Business Air Park - Front Row:
F-WWML 			LH-10 Ellipse 		LH Aviation
N328CR 			Do328-310 		Jetran Inl. 		3160
N390EU 			Raytheon 390
N492SA 			S-92A 			Sikorsky 		920004
N550GD 			G550 			Gulfstream 		5125
N552EU 			Beech 400A 					RK-552
PT-SZB 			ERJ135BJ 		Embraer 		14501029

Behind Chalet Row J:
IA1133 			ALH Dhruv 		HAL 			DS75
ZE606/XF 		Viking TX1 		615VGS
ZH116/TB 		Vigilant T1 		618VGS
G-AVMZ 			BAe111-510ED 		cockpit section

BAE Systems:
ZK010 			Hawk Mk128 		BAE Warton

Flightlines - Black Sheds:
ZH247/US 		Vigilant T1 		618VGS
EC-HLA 			A310-324ET 		EADS 			489      
G-BSYI                  AS355F1 					5197             
G-BVEZ                  Jet Provost T3A 	as XM479 
G-OBNL                  BN-2A 						523                
G-OFFO                  Extra 300 		Barclays       
G-ZEXL                  Extra 300 		Barclays       
G-ZXCL                  Extra 300 		Barclays       
G-ZXEL                  Extra 300 		Barclays       
N325FS                  PC-12/47 		FLIR Systems 		746

Executive ramp:
N60LJ 			Learjet 60XR 		Bombardier 		283

Temporary Hangar Area / Heliport:
IA1136 			ALH Dhruv 		HAL
J4042, J4043, J4049 	ALH Dhruv 		Sarang Demo Team
J4050, J4063 		ALH Dhruv 		Sarang Demo Team
CSX62127 		C-27J 			Alenia
CMX616 			M346 			Alenia 			002
N609AG 			BA609 			AgustaBell
NX71MY 			Vickers Vimy replica
VT-HAM 			ALH Dhruv 					DS35

Northern flightline behind trees:
ZJ910/BV 		Typhoon F2 		29sq
ZJ911/BZ 		Typhoon F2 		29sq
ZJ919/DC 		Typhoon F2 		11sq
91-0388/SP 		F-16C 			52nd FW
166658/AD-216 		F/A-18F 		VFA-106

Flying only:
05-4101/FF 		F-22A 			94th FS ‘1FW’

Visitors 12th:
A9C-BAH 		G-IVSP 			Bahrain Amiri Flight
G-RRGN 			Spitfire PR.XIX 	ex PS853

Visitors 13th:
2801 			A319-115X 		241.olt
A6-RJX 			B737-7AK 		Royal Jet
C-FBDR 			Global Express 		Bombardier Inc +14
G-KPEI 			Ce560XLS 		Queensway

Visitors 14th:
U-05 			Fokker 50 		334sq
ZD703 			BAe125 CC3 		32(TR)sq
3D-BIS 			LJ45 			DiAir Executive
A9C-BAH 		G-IVSP 			Bahrain Amiri Flight
CS-DFE 			Falcon 2000 		NetJets Europe        
CS-DFU                  Ce560XLS 		NetJets Europe           
CS-DMD                  Beech 400A 		NetJets Europe         
CS-DRP                  BAe125-800XPi 		NetJets Europe      
CS-DXH                  Ce560XLS 		NetJets Europe           
D-AMBI                  Falcon 900EX 		Vibro Air Services   
D-CAAE                  Lj55 			Air Alliance Express         
F-GESP                  Falcon 2000 		Dassault              
G-CDFY                  Beech B200 		BAe Systems            
G-CITJ                  Ce525 			Centreline                  
G-ECJI                  Falcon 10 		Fleet International     
G-FJET                  Ce550 			Worldstage                  
G-FRYL                  Raytheon 390 		Hawk Air             
G-GMAA                  Lj45 			Gama Aviation                
G-HMEI                  Falcon 900 		Private                
G-LEAI                  Ce510 			London Executive            
G-OBNL                  BN-2A-21 		B-N Group                
G-OMJC                  Raytheon 390 		Manhattan Jet Charter
G-PREI 			Raytheon 390 		Manhattan Air     
G-REYS                  CL-604 			TAG Farnborough         
G-SIRS                  Ce560XL 		London Executive       
G-VONJ                  Raytheon 390 		Von Essen Aviation
G-XONE                  CL-604 			Gama Aviation           
G-YPRS                  Ce550                          
HB-JEX                  Global Express 		TAG Aviation    
I-ACLH                  Do328-310 		Itali Airlines       
M-FIVE                  Beech B350                     
M-LLGC                  Global 5000 		LL Avia Mngt       
N12U 			G-IV 			United Technologies
N200GA 			G200 			Moon, Sun & Stars
N232K 			G-IVSP 			LLC
N41EU 			Beech B200GT 		Holmes Excavation
N5NG 			G-IVSP 			Northrop Grumman
N526EE 			G-V 			Ernie Els.            
N571BA                  CL-604 			CEF 2002           
N573BA                  CL-604 			CEF 2002           
N7070A                  CeS550                    
N835BA                  B737-7BC 		Boeing           
N836BA                  B737-7BC                  
N842PA                  G-IV 			Presidential Aviation
N99BB 			Ce750 			Cessna
VP-BRA 			Falcon 2000EX 		EF Education

Visitors 15th:
2801 			A319-115X 		241.dlt
125/XO 			TBM-700A 		ETEC00.065
MM62164 		P180 			311°Gruppo RSV
MM62244 		Falcon 900EX 		93°Gruppo TS
T-783 			Falcon 50 		LTDB
166376 			C-37B 			VR-1

North Apron/Terminal Ramp:
CS-DFE 			Falcon 2000		NetJets Europe 
HB-JEX                  Global Express 		TAG Aviation
OH-VMF                  Lj60 			Jetflite             

Hanger Apron:
F-GESP 			Falcon 2000 		Dassault          
G-EVRD                  Raytheon 39 		Commercial Avn    
G-GMAB                  BAe.125-1000B 		Gama Aviation.  
G-MDBA                  Falcon 2000 		TAG Aviation      
G-XONE                  CL-604 			Gama Aviation          
HB-AEU                  Do328-310 		Swiss Jet           
HB-JFO                  Global Express 		TAG Aviation SA
I-ACLH                  Do328-310 		Itali Airlines      
VP-BFV                  Falcon 900EX 		International Jet

Tower Apron:
3A-MRG 			Ce525B 			Roberto Giori              
3D-BIS                  LJ45 			DiAir Executive              
D-CAAE                  Lj55 			Air Alliance Express         
G-ECJI                  Falcon 10 		Fleet International     
G-FJET                  Ce550 			Worldstage                  
G-FRYL                  Raytheon 390 		Hawk Air             
G-LEAI                  Ce510 			London Executive            
G-OMJC                  Raytheon 390 		Manhattan Jet Charter
M-GLRS                  Lj45 			Bombardier                   
N9NG 			Ce750 			Northrop Grumman
N200GA 			G200 			Moon, Sun & Stars          
N571BA                  CL-604 			CEF 2002                  
N573BA                  CL-604 			CEF 2002                  
OE-GNF                  Lj60XR 			VistaJet                 
OK-KAZ                  BAe 125-900XP 		Grossman Jet Serv.
SX-IDA                  G200 			Gainjet Aviation           

West 1 Apron:
A9C-BAH 		G-IVSP 			Bahrain Amiri Flight
D-AZEM 			Falcon 900EX           
N835BA                  B737-7BC 		Boeing        
N836BA                  B737-7BC               
VP-BRT                  B737-7BC 		Roustam Tariko

West 2 Apron:
G-HMEI 			Falcon 900B

Whisky Ramp:
C-FBDR 			Global Express 		Bombardier
D-AMBI 			Falcon 900EX 		Vibro Air Services
M-LLGC 			Global 5000 		LL Avia Mngt
N5NG 			G-IVSP 			Northrop Grumman
N99BB 			Ce750 			Cessna
N232K 			G-IVSP 			LLC
N500GV 			G-V 			Aerolinx LLC
N526EE 			G-V 			Ernie Els
N771JT 			G550 			TAG Aviation USA
N842PA 			G-IV 			Presidential Aviation
VP-BRA 			Falcon 2000EX 		EF Education

Visitors 16th:
MM62243 		A319-112CJ 		306°Gruppo TS
V-11 			G-IV 			334sq

Visitors/based 19th (additions only):
North Apron/Terminal Ramp:
EC-KFA 			Falcon 900B
OE-LJR 			Do328-300 		Welcome Air

Hanger Apron:
G-HPPY 			Lj40 			TAG Aviation (UK) 
G-TAYC                  G450 			TAG Aviation (UK) 
OE-GVX                  Lj40 			VistaJet          
OO-FPA                  Ce560XL 		Flying Partners
VP-BBX                  G-V 			Gama Aviation      

TAG Aviation Hanger:
G-SIRJ 			Ce680 			Bookajet Ltd
M-EIRE 			CL-604 			Private

Tower Apron:
N222WA 			Ce501 			BKF Aviation
N552EU 			Beech 400A

West 1 Apron:
A6-HEH 			B737-8AJ 		Dubai Air Wing
N737GG 			B737-74Q 		Mid East Jet

CS-DRX 			BAe125-800XPi 		NetJets Europe
P4-ABC 			CL-604 			Global Jet

Visitors 20th:
3208 			An26 			SDoLt
XX227,XX233,XX237 	Hawk T1(A) 		Red Arrows
XX253,XX260,XX264 	Hawk T1A 		Red Arrows
XX266,XX294,XX306 	Hawk T1(A) 		Red Arrows
XX308 			Hawk T1 		Red Arrows
XZ722/671 		Lynx HMA8DAS 		702sq
ZD250/630 		Lynx HAS3S 		702sq
PA474/ HW-R & BQ-B 	Lancaster B.I 		BoBMF

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