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Lakenheath 1970

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Date: 6 June 1970

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C-133A Cargomaster, USAF
The mighty C-133A Cargomaster was used extensively during the Vietnam War and was built to transport 110,000 pounds of cargo. It could also accomodate 200 passenger seats and a very specific task was to tranport ballistic missiles in its fuselage. This 56-2011 came to RAF Lakenheath during the 1970 Open House.

Photo: Steve Williams

0-30352          KC-97G              134ARW  TENN.ANG 
0-62011          C-133A              436MAW 
60170            C-141A              438MAW 
0-25787          MC-131A             55AS    USAFE 
96582     ST     C-130E              61TAS 64TAW    STEWART A.F.B. 
0-63213   LR     F-100D              492TFS 48TFW 
24474            T-39A               LAKENHEATH BASE FLT. 
14866            HC-130H             57 ARRS 
14715            HH-3E               67 ARRS 
24536            HH-43B              3 ARRS  40 ARRW 
50748            F-4D                78TFS    81 TFW 
0-48343          C-47D               513 TAW 
136756    756    C.1A                U.S.NAVY MILDENHALL 
XM709     C      GNAT                CFS  KEMBLE 
XS449     449    LIGHTNING T.5       226 OCU 
XS452     452    LIGHTNING T.5       226 OCU 
XP564     61     JET PROVOST  T.4    3 FTS LEEMING 
XV349            BUCCANEER           12 SQN. 

0-91566          HH-43B              40 ARRS 

40891     WS     F-4D                91TFS  81TFW 
40919     WS     F-4D                91TFS  81TFW 
40916     WS     F-4D                91TFS  81TFW 
40846     WS     F-4D                91TFS  81TFW 
96582     ST     C-130E              61TAS  64TAW 
0-52814          F-100D              48TFW 
0-62915   LT     F-100D              48TFW 
0-62977   LT     F-100D              48TFW 
0-63291   LT     F-100D              48TFW 
XV347            BUCCANEER           12SQN. 
XW287     80     JET PROVOST T.5     CFS 
XW290     83     JET PROVOST T.5     CFS    RED PELICANS 
XW291     84     JET PROVOST T.5     CFS    RED PELICANS 
XW292     85     JET PROVOST T.5     CFS    RED PELICANS 
XW294     87     JET PROVOST T.5     CFS    RED PELICANS 
XH538            VULCAN B.2          WADDINGTON  WING 

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