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Colerne 1970

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Date: 4 July 1970

Made by: David Wise


Hercules 		XV183
Hercules                XV184
Hercules                XV188
Hercules                XV210
Hercules                XV212
Hercules                XV214
Hercules                XV223
Hercules                XV298
Chipmunk    		WB750 'D'	Cambridge UAS
Chipmunk                WB748 'F'	Cambridge UAS
Chipmunk                WP979 'J'	Cambridge UAS
Chipmunk                WK564 'K'	Cambridge UAS
Chipmunk  +2            WP837 'L'	Cambridge UAS
MB326   		      '82'      (Italian AF)
Gnat      		XR540 		(Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XR545           (Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XR986           (Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XR987           (Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XR991           (Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XR994           (Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XR995           (Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XR996           (Red Arrows)
Gnat                    XS107           (Red Arrows)
Whirlwind 10    	XP361 		(22-A sq Chivenor)
Whirlwind 10    	XP395 'R'
Jet Provost   		XP676 '64'
Canberra  		WJ676
Varsity   		WL673 'D'
Sea Vixen    		XJ521 '705-VL'
Skeeter   		XN341
Swordfish   		LS326
Sea Fury		VR930
Lancaster   		PA474 'HT-B'
Spitfire  		RM619 'AP-D' 	(flying)
Spitfire      		X4590
Camel        		D3419
Sopwith Scout  		A1742
Dragonfly   		WG725
Hawker P1052   		VX272
Meteor      		VT229 '60'
Meteor      		WK935 		(prone pilot testbed)
Hunter      		WB188 		(P1067 proto)
Hunter F2    		WN907
Vampire F3   		VT812
Vampire T11  		XD542
Mosquito 		TJ138
Anson     		TX226
Me162  			120227
Me163    		191904
Ju87      		W8
Hermes Moth  		G-EBWD 		(Shuttleworth)
Auster   		G-AGTO
Turbulent   		G-AREZ
PA-22      		G-ARSX
Wallis Gyro   		G-ARZB
Terrier      		G-ASOM
HS-125    		G-ATPB 		(RR-Filton)
Cessna 310  		G-AXLG
KZ-8    		HB-EPB

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