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Farnborough 1959

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Date: September 1959

Made by:

Updated: 3 October 2022 Clive KIlgour

XD624               VAMPIRE T11 
G-APRJ              LINCOLN B2               NAPIERS 
XM370               JET PROVOST T3 
CJ701               JET PROVOST 51           CEYLON AF. 
G-APVM/XR493        SARO P531 
XJ615               Hunter T7                ETPS 

TG616               HASTINGS C1              ETPS 
WD480               HASTINGS C2              RAE 
RF533               LINCOLN B2               RAE 
WD125               LINCOLN B2               RAE                 ENGINELESS 
WV577               PROVOST T1               ETPS HANGAR 
WV910               SEA HAWK FGA6            ETPS HANGAR 
XA890               VULCAN B1                RAE 
WD769               METEOR NF11              RAE 
WD797               METEOR NF11              RAE 
WS793/5             METEOR NF14              ETPS 
WS845               METEOR NF14              RAE 
WF984/4             DEVON C1                 ETPS 
VP979/4             DEVON C1                 ETPS 
XA879/2             DEVON C1                 ETPS 
WF387/15            VARSITY T1               ETPS 
WT572/26            Hunter F5                ETPS 
WT621/23            Hunter F5                ETPS 
WE381,WR370         VENOM                                        TAIL BOOMS 


XD268/194-R         Scimitar F1              803/807sq 
XD676,XD679         JET PROVOST T2           CFS 
XH589,XH591,XH592   VICTOR B1                15sq 
XA896,XH504         VULCAN B1                230OCU 
XM960               TWIN PIONEER CC1         21sq 
XL557,XL558         PIONEER CC1 
XB264               BEVERLEY C1              47sq 
                    HASTINGS C1              24sq 
XK696               COMET C2                 216sq 
XN404               BRITANNIA C1             99sq 

XG451 BELVEDERE XE521 ROTODYNE XL452 GANNET AEW3 XJ125 JAVELIN FAW8 XH536 VULCAN B2 XJ516 SEA VIXEN FAW1 XK490 BUCCANEER S1 XN326 GNAT F1 XM691 GNAT T1 G-APUX Hunter 66A XG135 Hunter FGA9 XG331 LIGHTNING F1 XL628 LIGHTNING T5 XM301 WESSEX HAS1 XJ398 WHIRLWIND HAR3 XG905 SHORT SC1 XG523 SYCAMORE HR14 SAR DUTY XD244 191/R Scimitar F1 807sq XD245 192/R Scimitar F1 807sq XD249 196/R Scimitar F1 807sq XD250 197/R Scimitar F1 807sq XD267 193/R Scimitar F1 807sq XD ? 195/R Scimitar F1 807sq XD248 Scimitar F1 807sq }ONE THESE UNCODED AIRCRAFT WAS XD274 Scimitar F1 807sq }THE 195/R MENTIONED ABOVE XE653 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XF416 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XF430 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XF446 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XF506 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG129 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG160 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG170 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG171 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG189 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG190 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG193 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG194 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG200 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XG201 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' XJ715 Hunter F6 111sq 'BLACK ARROWS' UNKNOWN LOCATION: XH134 CANBERRA PR.9 XD675 JET PROVOST XD678 JET PROVOST XK409 NA39 XL815 SKEETER XA902 VULCAN


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