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Kemble 1999

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Date: 30 August 1999

Made by: Gavin Cooper, Johnny Ross, Jeff Middleton, Damien Burke


WV372/R      (G-BXFI)    HUNTER T7             RAF 
VZ467        (G-METE)    METEOR F8             RAF 
712/E        (G-BWKC)    HUNTER F58            RJHF, EX SWISS J-4025 
WV318        (G-FFOX)    HUNTER T7             RAF 
XF516        (G-BVVC)    HUNTER F6A            RAF 
XW289/73     (G-JPVA)    JET PROVOST T5A       RAF 
G-PROV                   JET PROVOST T52A      EX SINGAPORE 352,SOUTH YEMEN 104, XS228 
XW433        (G-JPRO)    JET PROVOST T5A       RAF 
WD331/J      (G-BXDH)    CHIPMUNK T10          RAF 
WB565/X      (G-PVET)    CHIPMUNK T10          AAC 
WK163        (G-BVWC)    CANBERRA B6           RAF 
ES-YLG                   LET L-29              EX ?, c/n ?, DEPARTED AFTER FUELLING 
G-DLFN                   LET L-29              EX ?, c/n ? 
N66HL                    DOUGLAS C-47A         EX 42-23385 

Delta Jets Hanger Apron: 
XW986                    BUCCANEER S2B         RAE 
XX894/020-R              BUCCANEER S2B         RNAV 
(XS209)/8409M, 29        JET PROVOST T4        RAF 
XL578/77                 HUNTER T7             RAF, SECTIONED 
XL565                    HUNTER T7             RAF, (COMP WITH WT745) 
XL591                    HUNTER T7             RAF 

Delta Jets Hanger: 
G-PSST                   HUNTER F58            CIVIL, EX SWISS J-4104 
XL577/(W)    (G-BXKF)    HUNTER T7             RAF 
XX467/77     (G-TVII)    HUNTER T66B           RAF, EX XL605, SAUDI 70-0616, JORDAN 836 

LS326/L2     (G-AJVH)    SWORDFISH II          RNHF 
27 gy        (G-YAKX)    YAK-52                CIVIL, EX DOSAAF 27/9111306 
                         CAP-10                CIVIL, EX FRENCH A.F 

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