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Chivenor 1987

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Date: 22 July 1987

Made by: David Robins, Ralf Smets

Updated: 2 January 2011

XX899                   BUCCANEER S2B           237OCU
XS735/R                 DOMINIE T               6FTS
XV755/M                 HARRIER GR3             233OCU
XX345/Y                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX346                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
WT806                   HUNTER F4               2 TWU
XZ400/GH                JAGUAR GR1A             54SQN
XR726/BM                LIGHTNING F6            11SQN
ZA553/01                TORNADO GR1             27SQN
ZD580/716               SEA HARRIER FRS1        899SQN
MT46                    CM170R                  FAB
188762                  CF18A                   CF/1CAG
ET206                   F16B                    RDAF/Esk730
00272/WR        y       A10A                    81TFW
00279/WR        pr      A10A                    81TFW
10955/WR        bk      A10A                    81TFW

XN981                   BACCANEER S2B           12SQN
XT271                   BACCANEER S2A           237OCU
XW543                   BACCANEER S2B           12SQN
XZ432                   BACCANEER S2B           12SQN
XV298                   C130 C1P                LTW
WB560                   CHIPMUNK T10            4AEF
WP833                   CHIPMUNK T10            4AEF
VP981                   DEVON 2                 BBMF
XW902/H                 GAZELLE HT3             2FTS
XZ997/E                 HARRIER GR3             233OCU
XV747/G                 HARRIER GR3             233OCU
XX157                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX159                   HAWK T1A                1TWU
XX195                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX201/N                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX202/P                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX204/H                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX217                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX219/T                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX228/Q                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX230/M                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX246                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX248/E                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX254                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX255                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX256                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX263                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX281/O                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX283                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX284                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX285/R                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX289                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX301/L                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX319                   HAWK T1A                79SQN / 1TWU
XX320                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX322/W                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX325/X                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX326/A                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX327/B                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX329/C                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX330/D                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX334                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX335/I                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX337/K                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX339                   HAWK T1A                234SQN / 1TWU
XX349                   HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX352                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX243                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX252                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX253                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX259                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX260                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX264                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX266                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX304                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX306                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XX308                   HAWK T1A                RED ARROWS
XP741/AR                LIGHTNING F3            5SQN
XR716/AQ                LIGHTNING F3            5SQN
ZE351/I                 PHANTOM F4J(UK)         74SQN
WL790                   SHACKLETON AEW2         8SQN
ZE168/AO                TORNADO F3              229OCU
ZE201/AQ                TORNADO F3              229OCU
XW845/47CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW854/46CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW857/55CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW871/44CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW907/40CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
ZD613/710               SEA HARRIER FRS1        899SQN
ZA314/VN                SEA KING HC4            846SQN
RT610                   AUSTER D6/180           GAKWS
FE992                   HARVARD II              GBDAM
RCAF385                 HARVARD II              GBGPB
RR299/HT-E              MOSQUITO T3             GASKH
480015                  J3C CUB                 GAKIB
FA31                    F16A                    FAB/349SQN
FA49                    F16A                    FAB/349SQN
E181                    F16A                    RDAF/Esk727
E14/2/FTERD             ALPHA JET               PduFr
E51/6/FTERA             ALPHA JET               PduFr
E58/9/FTERH             ALPHA JET               PduFr
E61/8/FTERJ             ALPHA JET               PduFr
E63/0/FTERL             ALPHA JET               PduFr
E155/5/FTERF            ALPHA JET               PduFr
E156/3/FTERG            ALPHA JET               PduFr
E171/4/FTERN            ALPHA JET               PduFr
E173/1/FTERP            ALPHA JET               PduFr
E174/7/FTERQ            ALPHA JET               PduFr
F90/61ZH                C160F                   FrAF/ET61

Hangar displays:
XX158                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX189/J                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX203                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU                    
XX257                   HAWK T1A                Ex RED ARROW BDRT
XX265/U                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XX282                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX287                   HAWK T1A                63SQN / 2TWU
XX314/S                 HAWK T1A                151SQN / 2TWU
XZ551                   VENTURE T2              624VGS

Flying only:
XV290                   NIMROD MR2              St Mawgan Wg
XV229                   HERCULES C3P            LTW
XV307                   HERCULES C3P            LTW
XV240                   NIMROD MR2              St Mawgan Wg
ZD953                   TRISTAR KC1             216SQN
WB271/204R              FIREFLY AS6             RNHF
WG655/910GN             SEA FURY T20            RNHF
80020/UH        multi   F111E                   20TFW
J868                    F16A                    RNLAF/311SQN

22 Sqn hangar:
XR588                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XV720                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XD186                   WHIRLWIND HAR10         PRESERVED

624 VGS hangar:
.....                   VENTURE T2              624VGS

Main gate:
XF506                   HUNTER F6               PRESERVED

Fire dump:
WJ629                   CANBERRA TT18           BDRT

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