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Yeovilton 1985

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Date: 3 August 1985

Made by: George Candelin, Brian Schindler, David Goodall

Updated: 3 June 2004

0729 1-A-411 	T-34C 			Argentine Navy   
0767 4-A-116    M.339 		        Argentine Navy   
13              Atlantic 		24F              
26+74           F-104G 		        Mfg.2 WGN        
26+82           F-104G 		        Mfg.2 WGN        
68-0004 UH      F-111E 		        55TFS 20TFW      
80-0195 WR      A-10A 		        510TFS 81TFW     
80-0562 HR      F-16A 		        50TFW            
80-0565 HR      F-16A 		        50TFW            
82-0646 WR      A-10A 		        510TFS 81TFW     
ET-206          F-16B 		        Esk727 RDAF      
AB910           Spitfire Vb 	        BBMF             
G-AHGW/LB375    Taylorcraft                                 
G-AMRA          Dakota6 		Air Atlantic     
G-AMSV          Dakota4 		Air Atlantic     
G-ATHR          Piper Pa28 	        Britannia Awys FC
G-AVJI       	Cessna 172                                
G-AWYY/B6401    Sopwith Camel Replica                     
G-AXVK          Campbell Cricket                          
G-AYJR          Piper PA28 		Brize Norton FC
G-AYRL       	Sportavia SFS31
G-AZMH          Ms500          
G-AZYF          Piper PA28     
G-BBTY          Be23           
G-BCCD          Cessna 172     
G-BEFR/425.17 	Fokker DR1 Replica
G-BEYB/S1287 	Fairy Flycatcher Replica      
G-BFTH          Cessna 172                    
G-BGYH          Piper PA28 		CSE
G-BHLP          Cessna 441 		AA 
G-BHVF       	Jodel D150         
G-BIAU/N6452    Sopwith Pup Replica
G-BIDP          Piper PA28         
G-BIPO          Cap20LS            
G-BLZN          Bell206            
G-BPPS          Cap21              
G-FUEL          Jodel DR400        
G-HWBK          Augusta A109a      
G-JDEE          TB20               
G-MBSR          Puma DS Microlite  
HB-CHY          Cessna 172         
HB-EZY          TB20               
LX-N90445    	E-3A 			Nato AEWS     
N900FR          Da20 Falcon 		FRL           
N901FR          Da20 Falcon             FRL           
N902FR          Da20 Falcon             FRL           
N903FR          Da20 Falcon             FRL           
N904FR          Da20 Falcon             FRL           
PZ865           Hurricane II 		BBMF          
WH801 850       Canberra T22 		FRADU         
WH887 847       Canberra TT18 		FRADU         
WJ636 842       Canberra TT18 		FRADU         
WJ677           Canberra B2 Nose                         
WK111 EA        Canberra T17 		360Sqn        
WK123 840       Canberra TT18 		FRADU         
WK635 VL        Chipmunk T10 		Stn Flight    
XE685 861       Hunter GA11 		FRADU         
XL598 880       Hunter T8c 		FRADU         
XL603 720       Hunter T8m 		FRADU         
XN692 SAH17     Sea Vixen FAW2 		GIA           
XR445           Sea Heron C1 		Stn Flight    
XS511 M         Wessex HU5 		846Sqn RN     
XS513 E         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XS514 L         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XS515 N         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XS516 Q         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XS520 F         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XS881           Wessex HAS1 		FAA Museum    
XT449 C         Wessex HU5 		846Sqn RN     
XT453 A         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XT455 U         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XT460 K         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XT468 LS628     Wessex HU5              772Sqn RN     
XT756 ZJ        Wessex HU5              707Sqn RN     
XT760           Wessex HU5              NASU          
XT765 J         Wessex HU5              846Sqn RN     
XT791 433       Wasp HAS1 		829Sqn RN     
XT795 476       Wasp HAS1               829Sqn RN     
XV208 208       Hercules W2 		RAE Met Flight
XV361 FF        Buccaneer S2b 		237OCU        
XV460 G         Phantom FGR2 		229OCU        
XV657 CU.89     Sea King HAS6 		706Sqn RN     
XV704 63        Sea King AEW2a 		849Sqn RN     
XW295 67        Jet Provost T5a 	1FTS          
XW857 55     	Gazelle HT2 		705Sqn RN 'Sharks'
XW860 44        Gazelle HT2             705Sqn RN 'Sharks'
XW863 42        Gazelle HT2             705Sqn RN 'Sharks'
XW886 48        Gazelle HT2             705Sqn RN 'Sharks'
XW907 40        Gazelle HT2             705Sqn RN 'Sharks'
XX168 168    	Hawk T1 4FTS                        
XX478 CU564     Jetstream T2 		750Sqn RN
XX480 CU565     Jetstream T2 		750Sqn RN
XX698 D         Bulldog T1 		RNEFTS   
XX700 R         Bulldog T1 		RNEFTS   
XZ240           Lynx HAS3 		NASU     
XZ460 714       Sea Harrier FRS1 	899Sqn RN
XZ493 713       Sea Harrier FRS1        899Sqn RN
ZA127 511       Sea King HAS5 		810Sqn RN
ZA176 712       Sea Harrier FRS1 	899Sqn RN
ZA291 VB        Sea King HC4 		846Sqn RN
ZA292 VH        Sea King HC4            846Sqn RN	assault demo
ZA293 VK        Sea King HC4            846Sqn RN
ZA295 ZC        Sea King HC4            707Sqn RN	assault demo
ZA296 VF        Sea King HC4            846Sqn RN
ZA298 VA        Sea King HC4            846Sqn RN
ZA299 ZD        Sea King HC4            707Sqn RN	assault demo
ZA310 ZS        Sea King HC4            707Sqn RN	assault demo
ZA312 ZB        Sea King HC4            707Sqn RN	assault demo
ZA728 33D       Gazelle AH1 		3CBAS    	assault demo
ZA776 13D       Gazelle AH1 		3CBAS    
ZB605 718       Harrier T4n 		899Sqn RN
ZD251 631       Lynx HAS3 		702Sqn RN
ZD282 24A       Lynx AH1 		3CBAS    	assault demo
ZD284 24B    	Lynx AH1                3CBAS    
ZD476 ZA        Sea King HC4 		707Sqn RN	assault demo
ZD477 VC        Sea King HC4            846Sqn RN
ZD478 VE        Sea King HC4            846Sqn RN	assault demo
ZD479 ZE        Sea King HC4            707Sqn RN	assault demo
ZD578 711       Sea Harrier FRS1 	899Sqn RN
ZD579 710       Sea Harrier FRS1 	899Sqn RN
ZD625 ZF        Sea King HC4 		707Sqn RN	assault demo
ZD631 90        Sea King HAS5 		706Sqn RN

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