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Leeming 1992

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Date: 25 July 1992

Made by: Ian Jack, Phil

Updated: 23 March 1999

Serial/Code:        Type:                 Unit:                 Callsign: 
ZA142/C             VC.10                 101 Sqn               EOD 44 
E-604               F-16A                                       DAF 3070A 
ET-199              F-16B                                       DAF 3070B 
ZG709/I             Tornado GR.1A         13 Sqn 7              UK 506 
72-452/LN y         F-111F                                      Badger 31 
XX163               Hawk T.1              4 FTS                 VYT 71A 
XX224               Hawk T.1              4 FTS                 VYT 71B 
XV218               C-130                 LTW                   Ascot 933 
XV408               F-4 FGR.2             92 Sqn (all blue)     Firebird 4 
ZA614/F             Tornado GR.1          TWCU/XV Sqn           HON 29 
71-098/CR           F-15A                 32FS                  Wolf 41A 
77-124              F-15A                 32FS                  Wolf 431B 
AT-25               Alpha Jet                                   BAF 511 
XV292               C-130 LTW             (sp mks)              Ascot 150 
XH558               Vulcan B.2            VDF                   Vulcan 01 
XW527               Buccaneer S.2B        12 Sqn                Wolf 1 
XV332               Buccaneer S.2B        12 Sqn                Wolf 2 
XX261               Hawk                  TWU                   BRW 25 
XW542               Buccaneer S.2B                              8 XM 37 
XW 369/69           Jet Provost                                 Savage 1 
XW359/65            Jet Provost                                 Savage 2 
XW229/DB            Puma HC.1                                   5 JM 26 
ZD461/01            Harrier GR.7                                B 4 A 66 
XX301/L             Hawk                  TWU                   CVR 27 
ZA679/EZ            Chinook HC.1                                OMG 44 
XX520/2             Bulldog T.1                                 SAP 77 
XZ493/714           Sea Harrier FRS.1     899 Sqn               Yeovil 281 
133722              Corsair                                     N 137 A 
XZ598               Sea King 
XV209               C.130                                       Ascot 5168 
XT914/Z             F.4 FGR.2             74 Sqn                Phantom 1 
XV209               F.4 FGR.2             74 Sqn                Phantom 2 
XS644               Andover 
G-BJAC              Tiger Moth 
10x                 Hawk                  Red Arrows 
G-BPZX              Ce152 
G-BCCX/ex WG481     Chipmunk T.10 
R.25                Grob 
G-FLYV              Firefly               Slingsby Avn 
PA474               Lancaster             BBMF 
?????/XT-F          Spitfire              BBMF 
?????/(p)           Spitfire              BBMF 

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