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Lee on Solent 1961

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Date: 15 June 1961

Made by:


BB814		Tiger Moth		Lee SF/781 Sqdn	ex G-AFWI c/n 82187
NF389  5B	Swordfish		
NF864		Dominie			781 Squadron	
WJ350		Sea Prince C.2		FOFT	
WM523		Sea Venom FAW.20		
WV219		Whirlwind HAS.22	781 Squadron	
XA396 'CU 761'	Gannet AS.1		ex 796 Squadron	
XB474		Hiller HTE.2		ex 134724 c/n 510
XD241 'LM 614'	Scimitar F.1		736 Squadron	
XE390		Sea Hawk FGA.6		FOA(H)	
XG768		Sea Vampire T.22	FOA(H)	
XJ567  'VL 487'	Sea Vixen FAW.1		899 Squadron	
XK895		Sea Devon C.20		781 Squadron	
XL603  'VL 950'	Hunter T.8		Yeovilton IRF	
XR442		Sea Devon C.20		781 Squadron	

Dunning Hangar:
XN307 '286'	Whirlwind HAS.7		c/n WA665 A2501
WF200 'LM 640'	Sea Hawk F.1		A2409 E4432
WN115		Sea Hawk FB.5		
WN391 'O 384'	Gannet AS.1		ex 824 Squadron	A2470 c/n F9152   
WV911		Sea Hawk FGA.4		A2526
WW189 'J 451'	Sea Venom FAW.21	ex 892 Squadron	A2518
WW219 'O 096'	Sea Venom FAW.21	ex 893 Squadron	A2449 E4377
WW275 'VL 735'	Sea Venom FAW.21	ex 766 Squadron	A2491 E4447
XA342 'O 296'	Gannet AS.1		ex 815 Squadron	A2471 c/n F9234   
XG616 'VL736'	Sea Venom FAW.21	ex 766 Squadron	A2492
XJ525		Sea Vixen FAW.1		ex 890 Squadron	burnt out, crashed 28-3-61

Overlord Hangar:
		Sea Venom FAW.21		
XA460 '446'	Gannet AS.4		
XG608 '273'	Sea Venom FAW.21FAW.21		
XR441		Sea Heron C.20		781 Squadron	

Swann Hangar:
WF196		Sea Hawk F.1		A.2541 E4380
WV198		Whirlwind HAR.21	781 Squadron	

Also Present:
105		Skylark	Lee GC	
155		Skylark	Lee GC	
WF123		Sea PrinceT.1		
XD321  'R 196'	Scimitar F.1		ex 807 Squadron	
XJ323		Sea Devon C.20		781 Squadron	
XJ324		Sea Devon		781 Squadron	

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