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Prestwick 1972

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Date: 3 June 1972

Made by: John Tolland


Jet Provost T Mk.5      XW352  		3/RAFC, The Poachers. 
Sea King HAS Mk.1       XV674 PW/04  	819 Sdn. 
Wasp HAS Mk.1           XT788 -/424  	829 Sdn, HMS Minerva. C/n F9670. 
C-117D                  17171  		Mildenhall NAF. 
C-118B                  131610  		'RV', VR-51 Det 3, Glenview Il. 
F-104G                  FX-61  		350 Sdn, The Slivers. 
CF-104G                 104892  		CAF, overhaul at SAL. 
Bulldog Srs.103         702  			Kenyan AF. 

Flight line 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV296  		LTW. 
Jet Provost T Mk.5s     XW360/1  		RAFC, The Poachers
				XW363/2  		RAFC, The Poachers
				XW357/5 		RAFC, The Poachers
				XW356/8  		RAFC, The Poachers. 
Lancaster B Mk.1        PA474  		KM-B/Historic Aircraft Flight. 
Lightning F Mk.1As      XM180  		65 Sdn 228 OCU
				XM189  		65 Sdn 228 OCU. 
Meteor T Mk.7           WA669  		CFS. 
Sea King HAS Mk.1s      XV711 -/01  	819 Sdn
				XV695 PW/03  	819 Sdn
				XV706 PW/07 	819 Sdn
				XV707 PW/10  	819 Sdn. 
Sea Vixen FAW Mk.2      XP924  		RNAY Sydenham. 
Sioux AH Mk.1s          XT134  		AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XT206  		AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XT242  		AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XT511 		AAC, The Blue Eagles
				XW192  		AAC, The Blue Eagles. 
F-104Gs                 FX-11  		350 Sdn, The Slivers
				FX-99  		350 Sdn, The Slivers

Flying display 
Hunter F Mk.6           XG274  		71/4 FTS. 
Nimrod MR Mk.1          XV251  		Kinloss Wing. 
Varsity T Mk.1          WJ907  		Q/Air Engineers & Air Electronic Operators School. 
VC.10 C Mk.1            XR810  		10 Sdn. 
Vulcan B Mk.2           XM609  		230 OCU

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