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Upper Heyford 1967

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Date: 13 May 1967

Made by: J. Price-Stevens, Martin Till


0-34280         RB-47H 
50836           RF-4C                 38T.R.S.  26T.R.W. 
60224           RF-101C               66T.R.W. 
53684           F-100D 
14837           KC-135A               55S.R.W. 
24535           HH-43B 
0-60199         RF-101C               66T.R.W. 
54487           CH-34                 U.S.ARMY 
50610           CH-37B                   " 
38508           UH-1B                    " 
XS733           DOMINIE 
XS738           DOMINIE 
XS110           GNAT 
XS214           JET PROVOST 
XR658                " 
XS179                " 
XP632                " 
XE557  46       HUNTER                229O.C.U. 
XK986  U        WHIRLWIND HAR10       230SQN. 

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