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Finningley 1984

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Date: 1 September 1984

Made by: Tony Lowther


WT333           CANBERRA B8             RAE
XS770           BASSET CC1              AEE
133393          CT-133                  1CAG Canadian AF
XX232           HAWK T1                 4FTS
XW791           HS125 CC1               32SQ
XS219   06      Jet PROVOST T4          1TWU
G-AWPH          PROVOST T1              PRIVATE
O1547   47      F-5E                    527TFTAS  USAF
XV500   J       PHANTOM FGR2           	56SQ.
90218   WR      A-10A                   81TFW USAF
OO159   WR      A-10A                   81TFW USAF 
BD-03           MIRAGE 5BD              3WING Belgian AF
687             F-16A                   331SQ.Norwegian AF
690             F-16B                   331SQ.Norwegian AF
ZA599   Z       TORNADO GR1             9SQ.
XX195           HAWK T1                 63SQ.2TWU
XZ356   BP      JAGUAR GR1              17SQ.
XV738   B       HARRIER GR3             4SQ
232     30-MT  	MIRAGE F1C              EC2/30 French AF
WK590           CHIPMUNK T10            9AEF
XX482   J       JETSTREAM T1            6FTS
XS733   Q       DOMINIE T1              6FTS
XW309   V       J.PROVOST T5            6FTS
XX621   D       BULLDOG T1              YORKS UAS
XX899   J       BUCCANEER S2B         	237OCU
21442   LN      F-111F                  48TFW USAF
XV104           VC-10 C1                10SQ.
XR497           WESSEX HC2              22SQ
XJ729           WHIRLWIND HAR10      	8732M
XJ380           SYCAMORE HR14        	8628M
XZ937   Y       GAZELLE HT3             CFS
XN817           ARGOSY C1               ETPS
WH670   CB      CANBERRA B2             100SQ.
XZ585           SEA KING HAR3           202SQ.
XV195           HERCULES C1             LTW
ZA704   BV      CHINOOK HC1             18SQ.
40644           C-141B                  437MAW USAF
XP750   DE      LIGHTNING F3            LTF
XS459   DW      LIGHTNING T5            LTF
XP404           Whirlwind HAR10  	8682M hangar display

XX234   234     Hawk T1                 4 FTS
XX299   299     Hawk T1                 4 FTS
XV755   07      Harrier GR3             1SQ.
XV748   B       Harrier GR3             233OCU
XW419   125     Jet.Provost T5          7FTS 
XW434   126     Jet.Provost T5          7FTS 
XV570   N       Phantom FG1             111SQ. 
XT870   S       Phantom FG1             111SQ
ZB627   A       Gazelle HT3       	CFS
XZ941	B       Gazelle HT3       	CFS
XR507           Wessex HC2      	22SQ.
XZ595           Sea King HAR3  		202SQ.
ZA607   01      Tornado GR1      	27SQ.
ZA585	05      Tornado GR1      	27SQ.
FA-05           F-16A                	349SQ. Belgian AF
FA-06		F-16A                	349SQ. Belgian AF			
90006   BT      F-15D                	36TFW  USAF
XH175           Canberra PR9    	PRU
XR718   BK      Lightning F3       	Binbrook
LX-N90442       E-3A                  	NATO
ZA140   A       VC-10 K2           	101SQ.
XL426           Vulcan B2          	Waddington Wing
XV107           VC-10 C1            	10SQ    .
XV228           Nimrod MR2P    		Kinloss Wing
XX892   F       Buccaneer S2B  		237OCU
WL756   56      Shackleton AEW2  	8SQ.
XV179           Hercules C1P     	LTW 
XV306           Hercules C1P     	LTW
G-AVMN          BAC111-510       	British AW>
XX141   E       Jaguar T2           	226OCU with XX838/X
XX969   01      Jaguar GR1        	226OCU
XZ372   04      Jaguar GR1        	226OCU 
XX754   23      Jaguar GR1        	226OCU
G-OODI          Pitts S1D    
G-ROLL          Pitts S1D           
G-WREN          Pitts S1D          
ZA935   CT      Puma HC1         	33SQ. visiting
ZE935           HS125 CC3        	32SQ..visiting

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