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Coventry 1961(1)

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Date: 29 April 1961

Made by: John Chapman


D-EGSE		Bolkow-Klemm 107B
D-ELLA		Do-27Q-4
D-ELYQ		Bolkow-Klemm 107B
D-IATA		Do-28
EI-ALI		Debonair
EI-ALL		Bonanza
EI-ALO		Cessna 180
F-BIXX		Wassmer Super 4
I-PIAK (2	Piaggo P.166 			c/n 369
OK-OHA		L-200 Morava
VP-YMJ		Comper Swift
G-ACMN		Leopard Moth
G-ACTF		Comper Swift
G-AGOH		J-1 Autocrat
G-AHGW		Taylorcraft Plus D
G-AIJR		J-4 Arrow
G-AIPR		J-4 Arrow
G-AIUE		Hawk Trainer 3
G-AKKO		Messenger 2A
G-AKKY		Hawk Trainer 3
G-ALFA		Auster 5	
G-AMRL		J-5F Aiglet Trainer
G-AMSZ		Auster 5
G-ANIE		Auster 5
G-ANLB		Tiger Moth
G-ANPP		Proctor 3
G-AOEL		Tiger Moth
G-AOHY		Tiger Moth
G-AOIY		J-5G Autocar
G-AOKC		Prentice 1
G-AOSX		Chipmunk 22
G-APIE		Tipsy belfair
G-APJO		Tiger Moth
G-APJR		Tiger Moth
G-APLK		Miles Student
G-APVY		PA-25 Pawnee 250
G-APZR		Cessna 150
G-ARAU		Cessna 150
G-ARGA		PA-22 Tri pacer 150
G-ARCI		Cessna 310D
G-ARCK		Cessna 175A
G-ARCM		Cessna 172B
G-ARCS		Auster D.6
G-ARDC		Cessna 210
G-ARDL		PA-24 Comanche 250
G-ARDS		PA-22 Tri Pacer 150
G-AREA		Dove 8A
G-AREE		PA-27 Aztec 250
G-AREI		Auster 3 		"MT438"
G-AREJ		Beech 95 Travelair
G-AREL		PA-22 Caribbean 150
G-ARET		PA-22 Tri Pacer 160
G-AREX		Aeronca Sedan
G-ARFC		PA-22 Caribbean 150
G-ARFF		Queenair 65
G-ARFJ		Cessna 172B
G-ARFK		Cessna 172B
G-ARFL		Cessna 172B
G-ARFY		PA-24 Comanche 250
G-ARGD		Cessna 182D
G-ARGL		PA-22 Tri pacer 160
G-ARGP		Cessna 310
G-ARGV		PA-18 Super Cub 150
G-ARGZ		Druine D.31 Turbulent
G-ARHB		Forney F-1A Ercoupe
G-ARID		Cessna 172B
G-ARIN		PA-24 Comanche 250
G-ARJA		Aero Commander 520
G-ARJC		PA-22 Colt 108
G-ARJD		PA-22 Colt 108
G-ARJO		L.40 Meta Sokol
G-ARJV		PA-23 Apache G
G-ARJZ		Druine D.31 Turbulent
G-ARKE		Beagle Airedale
G-ARKM		PA-22 Colt 108
G-ARLB		PA-24 Comanche 180
G-ARLD		Helio H.395 Super Courier
G-ARLG		Beagle Terrier
G-ARLH		Beagle Terrier
G-ARLI		PA-23 Apache 150
G-ARLY		J-5P Autocar

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