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Yeovilton 1975

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Date: 6 September 1975

Made by:


XV592/005R		Phantom FG.1   		892 Sq         
XT870/010R              Phantom FG.1            892 Sq         
XN981/026R              Buccaneer S.2           809 Sq         
51                      Etendard IVM            11F            
53                      Etendard IVM            11F            
XL449/762LM             Gannet AEW.3            849 Sq HQ Flt  
XR749/Q                 Lightning F.3           5 Sq           
XR751/R                 Lightning F.3           5 Sq           
AT153                   TF-35                   Esk 729        
BD-11                   Mirage VBD              2 Wg           
BA-59                   Mirage VBA              2 Wg           
TF956/123T              Sea Fury FB.II                         
G-AIDN                  Spitfire                               
XV804/45                Harrier GR.3            233 OCU        
XW922/49                Harrier GR.3            233 OCU        
XW360/1                 J.Provost T.5           RAFC 'Poachers'
XW336/6                 J.Provost T.5           RAFC 'Poachers'
XW438/2                 J.Provost T.5           RAFC 'Poachers'
XW359/4                 J.Provost T.5           RAFC 'Poachers'
XW375/10                J.Provost T.5           RAFC 'Poachers'

Far Side:
WJ921/F			Varsity T.1    
XJ783                   Vulcan B.2     		35 Sq     
WJ874/858               Canberra T.4   		FRADTU
WT525/855               Canberra T.22           FRADTU
WK142/848               Canberra TT.18 		FRADTU
WT535/852               Canberra T.22  		FRADTU

XV344/035R		Buccaneer S.2D   	809 Sq
XF357/870VL             Hunter T.8C             FRADTU
XM838/412BL             Wessex HAS.3            NASU
XP151                   Wessex HAS.1            NASU        
XS507                   Wessex HU.5             NASU        
40                      MS.760                  SRL         
5919                    Do 28D                  MFG 5       
XX519/1                 Bulldog T.1             RNEFTS    
WJ614/846               Canberra TT.18          FRADTU

Hangar 3:
WK123/840		Canberra TT.18   	FRADTU

Hangar 6:
XS509/WP-VL  		Wessex HU.5      	707 Sq
XS481/WX-VL		Wessex HU.5      	707 Sq

NASU - Hangars 2/5:
XT461/XD-VL  		Wessex HU.5      	846 Sq
XS491/T-H    		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XT449/H-H    		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XT465/B-H    		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XT450        		Wessex HU.5                   
XT481/WA-H   		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XT466/VL-B   		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XT763        		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XS518        		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XS496        		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XS523        		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XT469        		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XS483/F-H    		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XT459        		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XT761/VU-B   		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XS480/C-H    		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XS493/R-H    		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XS492        		Wessex HU.5             845 Sq
XS508/VM-B   		Wessex HU.5             848 Sq
XT458        		Wessex HU.5      
XM328  			Wessex HAS.3
XM927   		Wessex HAS.3
XS866  			Wessex HAS.1
XP158/047R     		Wessex HAS.1		ex Ark Royal SAR Flt
XM843     		Wessex HAS.1

XL598/871VL  		Hunter T.8C
WV267/836,WT711/837	Hunter GA.11
WT806/838,XE682/835	Hunter GA.11
WW654/833  		Hunter GA.11

XT476/XL-VL		Wessex HU.5  		846 Sq
XT770      		Wessex HU.5     	781 Sq
WP906/VL		Chipmunk T.10  		Stn Flt

Helicopter Flightline:
XW209/CF		Puma HC.1    		33 Sq
XT176/U                 Sioux AH.1   		3 CBAS            
XT441/476LE             Wasp HAS.1   		829 Sq Leander
XV670/664PO             SeaKing HAS.1  		737 Sq
XM836/404FF             Wessex HAS.3   		737 Sq Fife  
XW891/54CU,XW860/44CU	Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW871/49CU,XW868/50CU	Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW907/40CU,XW890/53CU	Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW856/47CU		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XV647/593CU,XV653/594CU	Sea King HAS.1		706 Sq
XS150/524CU,XP159/521CU	Wessex HAS.1		771 Sq
XS873/525CU,XS889/523CU	Wessex HAS.1		771 Sq
XT486/WW-VL,XT756/WM	Wessex HU.5 		707 Sq
XT771/WR-VL,XT467/WY-VL	Wessex HU.5 		707 Sq
XT479/WX-VL,XS517/WV-VL	Wessex HU.5 		707 Sq
XT475/WN-VL,XS521/WT-VL	Wessex HU.5 		707 Sq
XS498/WQ-VL		Wessex HU.5 		707 Sq
XT474/XE-VL,XS520/XB-VL	Wessex HU.5		846 Sq
XS512/XG-VL		Wessex HU.5		846 Sq


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