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Halton 1993

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Date: 19 June 1993

Made by: Scramble


XA292                 Cadet TX3     nn
XP530/60, XP534/64    Gnat T1       instr
XR574/72, XR953/63    Gnat T1       instr
XR980/70, XR998/71    Gnat T1       instr
XX746/09, XX818/DE    Jaguar GR1    instr
XX837/Z               Jaguar T2     instr
XX975/07              Jaguar GR1    instr
XM358/53, XM412/41    Jet Prov T3A  instr
XM414/101,XM425/88    Jet Prov T3A  instr
XN584/E               Jet Prov T3A  instr
ZH121                 Vigilante T1  612VGS
XP354                 Whirlw HAR10  instr
And the following Jet Provost T4s:          XN467/B
XP556/B,   XP563/C,   XP573/19,  XP585/24,  XP638/A
XP640/D,   XP688/E,   XR662/25,  XR673/L,   XR674/D
XS176/N,   XS179/20,  XS181/F,   XS209/29,  XS217/O
and JP T5As:          XW292/32,  XW294/45,  XW299/60
XW301/63,  XW413/69,  XW427/67,  XW434/78,  XW436/68

XR538/69              Gnat T1       instr

Old Workshops (closed):
XV738/B, XZ967/F      Harrier GR3   instr
XE656, XG164, XG274   Hunter F6     instr
XE597                 Hunter FGA9   instr
XX739, XX966          Jaguar GR1A   instr
XM480, XN512          Jet Prov T3   instr
XW312/64, XW421/60    Jet Prov T5A  instr

Stored next to Old Workshop:
XM411                 Jet Prov T3   stored
XS215, XS218          Jet Prov T4   stored

New Workshops:
XV753/3F, XV808/3J    Harrier GR3   instr
XW768/N,  XW924/G     Harrier GR3   instr
XX726/EB, XX743/EG    Jaguar GR1A   instr
XX757/CV, XX824/AD    Jaguar GR1A   instr
XX825/BN, XX956/BE    Jaguar GR1A   instr
XX976/BD, XZ389/BL    Jaguar GR1A   instr
XM362                 Jet Prov T3   instr
XW303/12, XW320/71    Jet Prov T5A  instr
XW327/62, XW335/74    Jet Prov T5A  instr
XW351/31, XW365/73    Jet Prov T5A  instr
XW366/75, XW375/52    Jet Prov T5A  instr
XW419/125             Jet Prov T5A  instr

A-292                 Alouette 3    GPH
B-40                  Bo105CB       299sq
XX698                 Bulldog T1    CFS
XS677/WK, XT606/WL    Wessex HC2    2FTS
ZH194                 Vigilant T1   612VGS
OK-UIN                An-2

ZD322/A, ZD403/G      Harrier GR5   20sq
XX230                 Hawk T1       7FTS
XF527                 Hunter F6A    gateguard
XG209                 Hunter F6     dump
PZ865                 Hurricane 2c  BoBMF
XR672/50              Jet Prov T4   dump
XV243                 Nimrod MR2P   Kinloss
PS915                 Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
ZA373/H               Tornado GR1   2sq
ZF338/338             Tucano T1     3FTS
G-ASKH                Mosquito T3   'RR299'
G-BKOU                Jet Prov T3   'XN637'
G-TIMM (XP504)        Gnat T1       'XM693'
N36SF                 Fury

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