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Finningley 1971

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Date: 18 September 1971

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Updated: 23 March 2007

64-1083/AT	RF-4C Phantom		32 TRS/10 TRW
56-3204/LS      F-100D Super Sabre  	493 TFS/48 TFW
112372/7        Me.262
XS597		Andover C.1		46 Sqn
WE600          	Auster Antartica    	7602M
XL149/X        	Beverley C.1        	7988M          
WJ992          	Canberra B.2            RRE            
WD289          	Chipmunk T.10           Liverpool UAS  
XS734/N        	Dominie T.1             6 FTS          
XR571/23       	Gnat T.1                4 FTS          
TG553          	Hastings T.5            SCBS           
WV383          	Hunter T.7              20 Sqn         
XA726/E        	Javelin FAW.1           72 Sqn         
XD674          	Jet Provost T.1         7570M          
XP557/T        	Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS          
XP560/W        	Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS          
XP583/S        	Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS          
XR658/Y        	Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS          
XW330/44       	Jet Provost T.5         3 FTS          
XP746/J        	Lightning F.3           111 Sqn        
WL168          	Meteor F.8              7750M as WH 456
XV246          	Nimrod MR.1             Kinloss Wing   
Z7197           Proctor                 G-AKZN         
XF545/PZ       	Provost T.1             7957M          
XD506/Z        	Vampire T.11            7983M          
WF372/T        	Varsity T.1             6 FTS          
WJ910/S        	Varsity T.1             6 FTS          
XL317          	Vulcan B.2              617 Sqn        
Hangar display:
XS713/C		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
WP190/K		Hunter F.5		1 Sqn
WF382/Q		Varsity T.1		6 FTS
262/MT-5	CM.170 Magister		Diables Rouge
268/MT-11	CM.170 Magister		Diables Rouge
269/MT-12	CM.170 Magister		Diables Rouge
275/MT-18	CM.170 Magister		Diables Rouge
278/MT-21	CM.170 Magister		Diables Rouge
280/MT-23	CM.170 Magister		Diables Rouge
289/MT-32	CM.170 Magister		Diables Rouge
104749		CF-104 Starfighter	1 CAG
104799		CF-104 Starfighter	1 CAG
104843		CF-104 Starfighter	1 CAG
104862		CF-104 Starfighter	1 CAG
104893		CF-104 Starfighter	1 CAG			also logged as 104853
64-1017/AT	RF-4C Phantom		32 TRS/10 TRW
64-1020/AT	RF-4C Phantom		32 TRS/10 TRW
64-1022/AT	RF-4C Phantom		32 TRS/10 TRW
XS602		Andover C.1		46 Sqn
XP775		Beaver AL.1		15 Flight
XR362		Belfast C.1		53 Sqn
WG497		Cadet T.3
XE794		Cadet T.3
XH175		Canberra PR.9		39 Sqn
WK564/K		Chipmunk T.10		Aberdeen UAS
WK590/X		Chipmunk T.10		9 AEF
VP958		Devon C.2		26 Sqn
XS729/G		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS730/H		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS731/J		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS737/K		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XP502		Gnat T.1		1 FTS
XP516/16	Gnat T.1		4 FTS
XR534/15	Gnat T.1		4 FTS			also logged as XP534
XR982/51	Gnat T.1		4 FTS
XV191		Hercules C.1		LTW
XE626/9		Hunter FR.10		79 Sqn/229 OCU		also logged as XF626/Y
XF419/D		Hunter FGA.9		79 Sqn/229 OCU
XF426/12	Hunter FR.10		79 Sqn/229 OCU
XG151/H		Hunter FGA.9		79 Sqn/229 OCU
XG194/A		Hunter FGA.9		79 Sqn/229 OCU
LF363/LE-D	Hurricane IIC		BoB MF
XP548/X		Jet Provost T.4		6 FTS
XP556/Z		Jet Provost T.4		6 FTS
XP567/R		Jet Provost T.4		6 FTS
XW352/62	Jet Provost T.5		CFS Poachers
XW354/65	Jet Provost T.5		CFS Poachers
XW356/67	Jet Provost T.5		CFS Poachers
XW359/74	Jet Provost T.5		CFS Poachers
XW360/69	Jet Provost T.5		CFS Poachers
PA474/KM-B	Lancaster B.1		Bob MF
XP740/B		Lightning F.3		111 Sqn
XP763/P		Lightning F.3		29 Sqn
XV250		Nimrod MR.1		Kinloss Wing
XT865/VL-156	Phantom FG.1		767 Sqn
XV576/D		Phantom FG.1		43 Sqn
XV319/N		Sioux HT.2		CFS
WJ943/R		Varsity T.1		6 FTS
WJ944/Y		Varsity T.1		6 FTS
WL668/X		Varsity T.1		6 FTS
XV101		VC-10 C.1		10 Sqn
XH651		Victor K.1A		57 Sqn
XL161		Victor SR.2		543 Sqn
XM603		Vulcan B.2		Waddington Wing
XM645		Vulcan B.2		Waddington Wing
XM655		Vulcan B.2		Waddington Wing
XS876/PO-511	Wessex HAS.1		771 Sqn
XD163/X		Whirlwind HAR.10	CFS
XP330/Z		Whirlwind HAR.10	230 Sqn
XP357/X		Whirlwind HAR.10	230 Sqn
XR454/Q		Whirlwind HAR.10	230 Sqn
On airfield:
WB534		Devon C.2		26 Sqn
XS711/L		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS712/A		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS713/C		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS727/D		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS728/E		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
XS739/F		Dominie T.1		6 FTS
WJ919/L		Varsity T.1		6 FTS
WJ939/M		Varsity T.1		6 FTS
WL627/O		Varsity T.1		6 FTS
XJ437		Whirlwind HAR.10	202 Sqn

64-1025/AR      RF-4C Phantom
WJ632           Canbera TT18 
XS102           Gnat T1 
XV755/55        Harrier 
XM458           Jet Provost T3 
XM416           Jet Provost T3 
XN506           Jet Provost T3 
XN551           Jet Provost T3 
XN582           Jet Provost T3 
XN584           Jet Provost T3 
XN592/22        Jet Provost T3 
WH456           Meteor F8
WF385/H         Varsity T1 

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