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St. Athan 1993

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Date: 26 June 1993

Made by: Scramble


E-606                 F-16A         Esk730
ET-612                F-16B         Esk730
S-175                 Lynx Mk80     Esk722
4135                  Alpha Jet     JBG49
5103                  C-160D        LTG62
501                   MiG-21F       nn
A-226, A-499          Alouette 3    GPH
70-1274               C-130E        37th AS
XS644                 Andover E3A   32sq
XN981/981             Buccaneer S2B 12sq
WD955/EM              Canberra T17A 360sq
WK624/N               Chipmunk T10  3AEF
ZD464/10              Harrier GR7   1sq
XX172                 Hawk T1       St Athan SF
XX283/CD              Hawk T1A      100sq
XV295/295             Hercules C1P  LTW
XL568/C               Hunter T7A    208sq
XX763 (9009M)         Jaguar GR1    instr
XZ398/FA              Jaguar GR1A   6sq
XW404 (9049M)         Jet Prov T5A  instr
XW409 (9047M)         Jet Prov T5A  instr
ZA134/598             Sea King HAS6 706sq
PK624 (8072M)         Spitfire F22  store
RW393 (7293M)         Spitfire 16e  store
ZD741/DZ              Tornado GR1   31sq
ZE837/HY              Tornado F3    111sq
ZF492/492             Tucano T1     1FTS
ZA140/A               VC10 K2       101sq
ZE558                 Viking TX1    634VGS
XS676/WJ              Wessex HC2    2FTS
G-AJTW                Tiger Moth    'N6965'
G-AOKL                Prentice T1   'VS610'
G-BNGE                Auster AOP6   'TW536'

Hangar 323 (open):
XP502 (8576M)         Gnat T1       instr
ZG530/CL              Harrier GR7   4sq

Hangar 341 (open):
XV591                 Phantom FG1   cockpit only

Hangar 342 (open):
XX242/Y               Hawk T1       92sq
ZA460/JG              Tornado GR1   27sq

Hangar 373 (closed):
ZE564, ZE610, ZE625   Viking TX1    634BGS

Hangar 374 (closed):
XT284 (8855M)         Buccaneer S2A instr
ZD350?                Harrier GR5   romp
XT766/822 (9054M)     Wessex HU5    instr
XT773 (9123M)         Wessex HU5    instr

XX698                 Bulldog T1    CFS
ZD322/A, ZD403/G      Harrier GR5   20sq
XW199?                Puma HC1      nn
ZD707/BK, ZD809/BA    Tornado GR1   14sq
ZE810/AT, ZG796/AV    Tornado F3    56sq
ZF209/209, ZF406/406  Tucano T1     CFS
XR518                 Wessex HC2    22sq
XS677/WK              Wessex HC2    2FTS

WJ614/846             Canberra TT18 dump
WJ861/BF              Canberra T4   dump
XP558 (8627M)         Jet Prov T4   dump
XM602                 Vulcan B2     dump

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